See stability in hi-def

The hi-def stability and aggregation characterisation platform.

  • Key Features

    • Determine rank stability calculates the C½ — the concentration of denaturant needed to unfold one-half of your protein
    • Quantify stability ΔG values let you actually quantify how much denatured protein you’ve got in your sample
    • Predict protein aggregation Agg Path measures ΔG at one high and one low protein concentration to predict aggregation propensity
    • Zoom in on aggregation ΔGtrend to monitor ΔG over a range of concentrations for an even deeper dive into your aggregation situation

Determine the stability of protein in new formulations quickly with the Hunky that provides ΔG information, unavailable from elsewhere. Understand the stability of the protein and also determine if it is going to aggregate, earlier in production. The Hunky comes complete with 4 apps to choose from, automated liquid handling and an extensive data analysis package. 

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