dragonfly® discovery

Delivering screening efficiency through technology innovation

Significantly reduce assay development time and improve HTS efficiency

  • Key Features

    • Just walk-up and use simple set-up and minimal maintenance
    • Greatly improve assay robustness accurate dispensing irrespective of liquid class
    • Save time, sample and budget ultra-low dead volumes
    • Significantly reduce assay development time complex DoE dispensing
    • Suitable for low or high throughput assays compatible with any SBS plate format 96 - 1,536 well
    • Develop quality assays in a fraction of the time independent multi-channel positive displacement technology
    • Different head confirgurations for different workflows available in 3-, 5- and 10-head setups
  • dragonfly discovery for Drug Discovery

    dragonfly discovery addresses the complexities of assay development and challenges associated with validating and transferring assays into HTS

    A novel liquid handling technology within a range of user friendly, low volume, liquid handling instruments that significantly reduce assay development time and greatly improve assay robustness in screening

    Applications include: Design of Experiment (DoE), assay development, HTS and hit-to-lead reagent dispensing

    Pipetting range 200 nL- 4 mL

  • dragonfly discovery – 3 Head

    The new 3-head dragonfly discovery offers the perfect combination of multi-reagent dispense versatility and speed.

    Designed to meet the needs of those who require the next generation of low volume bulk dispensing, it will surprise you in terms of the impact it can make to your lab, and the value it could bring to your budget!