Core Splitter

Best possible split core surfaces

High Quality Soft Sediment Core Splitter designed for fine adjustments to allow the best possible split core surfaces, including reproducible thicknesses for further analyses.

  • Key Features

    • Minimises ingress of plastic cuttings into the sediment
    • Ideal for high-resolution imaging with the MSCL systems
    • Manual motion allows the operator to feel obstructions in core
    • Stainless steel wire cleanly splits the sediment

Core Splitter

Soft marine sediment core splitting is a standard operation, generally performed with non-standard equipment. The quality of the split core affects subsequent image data and other measurements made on the split core surface.

The splitter, with its own self-contained “wet tray”, can be provided on its own and mounted on any suitable bench-top. It can also be supplied as part of a suite of equipment, including non-destructive geophysical testing, core splitting and sub-sampling, all furnished in a custom 20-foot laboratory container.


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