Scalable, modular and future proof compound management at -20°C, +4°C and ambient

comPOUND provides rapid access storage for 2D barcoded tubes which is scalable and easy to integrate with complimentary automation and LIMS systems, for efficient sample management of growing compound libraries

  • SPT Labtech compoound

    Key Features

    • Easy and secure access to samples vending machine style simplicity
    • Provide optimal protection of assets proven track record of reliability
    • Manage space and overheads efficiently small footprint, low running costs
    • Keep pace with downstream sample requirements pick rate as fast as six seconds per sample
    • Scalable and future proof simple scale up options for growing collections
    • Novel pneumatic transport of sample tubes trouble free operation
  • SPT Labtech’s comPOUND® sample storage allows you to hold a biological or chemical compound library in a hermetically-sealed inert environment:

    • Select any library subset quickly to meet the needs of your screening department
    • Reduce potential damage to library stocks by only cherry-picking the samples you need
    • Ensure throughput grows with your library by processing samples in parallel
    • Easily expand your sample storage capability. Additional modules can be integrated in response to growing library size.