Next generation cryo-EM sample preparation based on Spotiton

  • spt labtech chameleon - next generation cryo-em sample preparation

    Key Features

    • Blot-free, high-speed plunging reduce air-water interface effects and enable difficult samples
    • Easy to use even for novice users guided workflows enables simple set up, use and cleaning
    • Record keeping for future repeatability capture all relevant grid parameters and images
    • Screen fewer grids at the microscope select good grids based on visual images during freezing
    • Virtually no manual handling eliminate damage and loss via precise automated grid handling
    • Safe storage and control of cryogens automated drawer offers level sensing and temperature control The sample preparation bottleneck...
  • chameleon-Next generation sample preparation for cryo-EM

    chameleon is a commercial development of the successful Spotiton system, an idea conceived and brought to life by the groups of Bridget Carragher and Clint Potter at New York Structural Biology Centre (NYSBC).

    Realising the limitations of existing grid preparation practices, they set out to develop a robust and repeatable technique for specimen vitrification based on small volume dispensing using inkjet technology.

    The ‘Spotition’ (first published in 2012) as it became known, then underwent a series of iterative improvements in-house and became instrumental in an increasing number of high quality structures and cutting edge research papers on air water interface effects published by the team. chameleon distils out the advantages of Spotition and builds in our proven knowledge of process automation in the field of structural biology.

  • A closer look at chameleon – providing a rapid and efficient path to quality frozen grids for cryo-EM

    Michele Darrow introduces the key features of the chameleon instrument including, grid handling and pick up, sample aspiration and dispense testing, online glow discharging of grids and a detailed look at a grid wicking workflow.

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