Keep your silicone in check

The one of a kind silicone thickness and distribution analyzer

  • Key Features

    • Keep silicone in check ensure silicone levels in injectables are sufficient
    • Quantitatively measure silicone layer thickness, distribution & mass of silicone
    • Get the lowdown uses basic white light reflectometry to measure sprayed-on coatings down to 80 nm.
    • Find your VIPs scopes out the entire inside surface of device to get a 2D and 3D map that determines positions which have too much, too little or just enough silicone

Wonky silicone coatings for injectable devices can jam them up or ooze oil into your drug. Bouncer makes it easy to find out if the coating’s too thick, too thin or good to go. Its quantitative measurements on silicone layer thickness and distribution let you find the sweet spot for your device.

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