Automated Mineralogy Incubator

Economic pathway for implementing Automated Mineralogy to optimise the discovery to recovery of your minerals

Trial Automated Mineralogy and learn about your mineralogy what is effecting your recovery

  • Key Features

    • Understand Automated Mineralogy with detailed mineralogical analysis and mapping process critical minerals
    • Demonstate the value by digging deep into the data and interpreting the results
    • Develop independence by learning at the AMI
    • Accelerate implementation with prior training and mineralogy completed at the AMI
    • Timeshare options to suit your requirements

Automated Mineralogy with the TIMA-X

Understand Automated Mineralogy → Demonstrate the Value → Develop Onsite Independence

Automated Mineralogy enables you to optimise recovery by characterising feed, concentrates and tailings:

  • Quantitative mineral abundancy (to 0.01wt% Conc)
  • Elemental deportment and elemental substitutions
  • Liberation studies for comminution, flotation & hydrometallurgy
    • Mineral grain size vs mineral associations
  • Degree of liberation of the ore and the gangue minerals
  • Fast analysis and automated reporting
    • CSVs • Charts & graphs • Particle images
  • Liberation analysis monitor & optimise process flow sheet for
    • Grinding • Flotation • Leaching strategies
  • Quantitative mineralogy defines penalty elements in the final product (to 0.01wt% Conc)

Gain ore body knowledge with Automated Mineralogy with the TIMA-X

  • Analyse samples from process metallurgy

  • Quantitative Mineralogy

  • Liberation Analysis

    To determine the degree of exposure of minerals on the surface for flotation/dissolution

  • Quantify complex particles

    To determine the minerals in your streams

  • View data by graphs or tables

  • Grain size distribution

  • Visual images of mineral grains

  • Associations

  • Textures such as fine grained minerals