A flexible and affordable -20°C or -80°C automated sample store

Efficient management of 2D barcoded samples, with easy access and stable temperatures that provide unrivaled security for -20°C or -80°C biostorage requirements.

  • SPT Labtech arktic automated sample storage system

    Key Features

    • Easy and secure access to samples vending machine style access to samples
    • Sample integrity continuous monitoring for optimal performance
    • Manage space and overheads efficiently small footprint, low running costs
    • Save hours of manual searching each vial retrieved in seconds
    • Enabling application led choice wide ranging labware compatibility
    • Delivering innovation designed for security, reliability and speed
    • arktix XC allows modular expansion growing with you sample storage requirements

Product Review

  • When we started the journey of establishing a regional biobanking facility we looked at all the possibilities. We found that the SPT Labtech arktic best suited our needs in terms of an automated high density, robust storage system that could be integrated with a third party bioinformatics platform. With plans to expand in the future, the modular design was also very attractive. We were also drawn to the arktic’s ability to pre-sort and deliver only the specimens we required. This feature alone has the potential to save many man hours while maintaining the integrity of our other specimens.

    Professor Nigel McMillanDirector, Infection and Immunity Program, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
  • Introduction to the arktic and arktic XC

    Run time 2:53 min

    Take a quick tour of the SPT Labtech arktic. See the major parts and how they come together to form an elegant automated solution to sample management.

  • arktic® is a modular, secure and affordable tube-based storage system using SPT Labtech’s innovative pneumatic technology:

    • True cherry picking – ensures that only the required samples are retrieved and avoids unnecessary thawing / freezing cycles
    • 2D barcoded labware – samples are tracked and stored and retrieved with the simplicity and speed of a vending machine
    • Novel pneumatic technology – minimises the need for robotics in the cold zone, providing reliable long-term operation
  • arktic® XC – Configure to what you need now, expand later

    arktic XC offers rapid biobanking of samples direct from processing in a combined multiple module, enabling scientist to store up to 1,120,000 samples.
    The beauty of the arktic XC system is that you can add more units as your storage capacity requires avoiding unnecessary expense, by paying for unused capacity. The compact size of each unit mean more units can be easily added in available space and new units can typically be wheeled in through standard dooways. Furthermore, units can be linked using proven pneumatic technology, so arktic XC units can be remotely located and accessed using small benchtop ac units.

    The future of sample management!

    arktic XC is a truly scalable and affordable biostorage solution, meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.