apricot S1/S3 Automated Pipettor

Automated high-performance pipetting

Ideal first step towards automation

  • SPT Labtech apricot S3 automated pipettor

    Key Features

    • High-precision pipetting
    • High and low throughput applications
    • Interchangeable pipetting cores – easily select dispense range
    • EZ Load tip technology
    • Simple, intuitive user interface - via Microsoft surface pro tablet
    • Fully programmable
    • Compact design - will fit any lab

The apricot S1 and S3 automated pipettors are a flexible, versatile and affordable, making them a perfect first foray into automated liquid handling. With fully programmable operation via a simple-to-use interface, you can free up time and eliminate user error with systems that offer 12 times greater speed compared to 8-channel handheld pipettes.

Their compact design makes them ideal for labs with limited bench space and applications needing biosafety hoods. While a standard power outlet is all the infrastructure required for operation.

These automated pipettors suit applications requiring repetitive tasks such as:

  • Aspirating and dispensing
  • Aliquoting
  • Pooling
  • Mixing
  • Serial dilutions

Technical Specifications

apricot S3
apricot S1
SPT Labtech apricot S1 automated pipettorSPT Labtech apricot S3 automated pipettor
96 channels
384 channels
(96) 500µL 1000µL
(96/384) 125µL
(96-1000) 5-1000µL
(95-500) 1-500µL
(96-125) 0.5-125µL
(384-125) 0.5-125µL
(96-500) 1µL
(96/384-125) 0.1µL
Integrations with other lab equipment
Product brochure
  • An Introduction to the apricot S1 and S3 Pipettors

    Run time – 4:45 min

    This short video highlights some of the key features and the ease-of-use of the apricot S-series pipettors.

    They are ideal if you want to increase you pipetting throughput and are interested in making the transition to automated liquid handling.

  • Overview of the apricot S-Series Pipettors

    Run time – 1:48 min

    All you need to know about the apricot S-series automated pipettors from design and constructions, through to operation and use.