3.0T MRI

Small high performance MRI and cryogen-free

The 3T MRI is part of the range of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), benchtop MRI systems.

  • Key Features

    • Superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability for great visualization, quantification and translational studies
    • High spatial resolution for great visualization and quantification
    • Superior field homogeneity minimal noise and no temperature drift
    • Easy translational research with variable field strengths of 0.1T – 3.0T
    • Compact with almost no fringe field
    • Dry magnet no liquid Helium required
    • Multi-modality imaging it can be installed in close proximity to other imaging modalities such as SPECT, PET, etc.
    • Available in 17cm or 24cm bore sizes enabling studies with a variety of animal models, e.g. mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, small monkey families and more.
    • Complete animal handling solution

MRS-3000 series are 3.0T Benchtop MRI system available in two bore size: 17 cm and 24cm. The system is specifically designed for rodents and large animals molecular imaging studies, in-vivo and/or ex-vivo applications. The system is provided with Powerscan software permitting access to all functions of the system for experienced users.
The MRI is a rampable magnet and can be optionally set up to 3 additional fields strength. MRS 3000 series MRI can be configured with high gradient strength, and advanced coils such as multinuclear, phased array etc…
MR Solutions MRI’s are based on the revolutionary and advanced cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology. It can be accessorized with PET and SPECT modules from MR SOLUTIONS for simultaneous and/or sequential multimodality imaging

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