Dedicated high resolution and sensitivity core plug and sidewall core X-ray CT system

PlugXcan offers more resolution, greater sensitivity and improved contrast without the sacrifice of throughput.

  • Key Features

    • Fast scanning - from 2 to 3 minutes per plug
    • Superior image resolution and sensitivity compared to medical CT
    • High throughput and low operator input
    • Intelligent acquisition and processing workflows built into custom-designed software
    • Multiple scans of the same core plug (QA/QC)

PlugXcan : core plug and sidewall core X-ray CT system

A high throughput dedicated core plug and sidewall core X-ray CT system. Up to 100 core plugs or sidewall cores can be scanned per day with a cubic voxel resolution of c. 80 microns. PlugXcan utilises a long lifetime closed 130 kV X-ray source, a large flat panel detector, and motorised object positioning to optimise resolution between 40 um and 250 um. Multiple core plugs (up to 8 ) are securely mounted using a Geotek “QuickFix” holder for stable and automated scanning.

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