Overcoming the Resolution Limits in 3D Bioprinting

This presentation was delivered at the 3rd Australian Bioprinting Workshop and looks at new technology that allows researchers to print structures smaller, with higher resolution (down to 170nm) that was not previously possible, at speeds that might surprise you!

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UpNano NanoOne Bio hgh resolution bioprinter

Presenter – Prof. Aleksandr Ovsianikov / TU Wien

Prof. Ovsianikov is the Head of the Group 3D Printing and Biofabrication at the TU Wien. His research is dealing with the use of additive manufacturing technologies for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Dr. Ovsianikov has background in laser physics and material processing with femtosecond lasers. A particular focus his current research is establishing multiphoton lithography in the domain of biofabrication for engineering of biomimetic 3D cell culture matrices and realization of novel tissue engineering scaffolds.