NTEGRA- Modular SPM Platform

NTEGRA is a revolutionary SPM concept offering high performance imaging, cutting edge scientific analysis and incredible flexibility. The NTEGRA platform forms the basis of a modular SPM range of instruments that share the same SPM core, electronic controller and software.  NTEGRA allows the integration of sample preparation and measurement techniques e.g. spectroscopy.

The platform has been designed to enable the easy conversion of one system into another to suit your growing application requirements, whether they be research or industrial. This in turn makes it a cost effective and elegant solution to numerous scenarios reducing the need to purchase multiple instruments. Furthermore, the common software means that you can be up and running quickly and easily with a user interface that you are already familiar with.


The NTGRA family consist of 7 different instruments:

NTEGRA PrimaA high-resolution, low-noise SPM ideal for the multi-user labs. Integrated optics coupled to the SPM provides imaging of samples with almost continuous zoom from the millimeter to angstrom-range.
NTEGRA ThermaAn effective solution for SPM measurements at static or dynamic temperatures in the range -30 °C to 300 °C. The low-drift THead™ maintains a drift of less than 10 nm/°C.
NTEGRA AuraA high-sensitivity system perfectly suited to measurements in vacuum up to 10-3 torr or under controlled atmosphere environments.
NTEGRA Maximus Performs high throughput screening of multiple samples as well as measurements on large samples.
NTEGRA Solaris Uses Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) to investigate optical properties beyond the diffraction limit.
NTEGRA Vita Combines the strengths of a high-accuracy SPM with a high quality optical microscope for biological and medical applications.
NTEGRA SpectraAn R&D 100 award winner system, integrates the SPM with Raman spectroscopy and laser confocal microscopy to study the distribution of chemical properties with molecular resolution.



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