TESCAN Launch Next Generation FIB-SEM

TESCAN have recently launched the TESCAN S8000G, their next generation FIB-SEM, redesigned from the ground up. The new design delivers outstanding image quality with superb contrast, making it the ideal tool for characterising biomaterials and nanostructures with the added ability to perform complex nanoengineering tasks with the highest levels of precision and ease.

The TESCAN S8000G marries together the all-new Orage™ Ga FIB column and the newly designed BrightBeam™ SEM column. These new columns are seamlessly integrated to form a world-class instrument for nanopatterning, nanofabrication, 3D tomography and sample preparation.

The Orage™ column incorporates state-of-the-art ion optics including fully automated 30 piezo driven apertures. The whole column alignment can be done by one click. Combined with the newly designed OptiGIS™ gas injection system offering the highest levels of ion milling and deposition precision throughout the entire range of ion beam current and full energy range. Capable of better than 2.5nm resolution at 30keV, the Orage column is the ultimate system for preparing damage-free ultra-thin TEM and microprobe specimens. Similarly, high volume milling operations can also be achieved with excellent accuracy at FIB currents up to 100nA, speeding up cross-sectioning and lamellae liftout processes.

The new single gas injection OptiGIS system with fast run up time and excellent stability offers unprecedented levels of control for deposition and etching. Further process flexibility with the ability to use up to 6 OptiGIS units on the same FIB column.

The new BrightBeam SEM column brings uncompromising levels of ultra-high resolution imaging along with maximum analytical versatility. Using the latest non-immersion electron optics, the SEM provides optimised resolution, even at low beam energies, ideal for imaging beam sensitive and non-conducting samples. New detectors such as the In-Beam Axial detector, or Multidetector for angle-selective and energy-selective signal collection provide you with new levels of imaging and better structural insights into your samples. The versatility of the new Schottky field emission gun is enhanced with the ability to work at beam currents up to 400nA, while the EquiPower™lens technology provides optimal column stability.

When used in conjunction with the FIB, BrightBeam affords the ability to monitor the entire milling process as it unfolds.

An extremely user-friendly software package embraces the complex and sophisticated hardware components allowing you to easily take advantage of the TESCAN S8000G’s capabilities.  The modular operator interface has been designed to put instrument controls in the hands of the user to help you break down the barriers of science. You can have multiple tailored user interfaces in accordance with the desired application

The TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM is now available for purchase through AXT, TESCAN’s representative in Australia and New Zealand. Through AXT’s various distributorships, we can also package the instrument with any number of accessories or companion products to suit your specific requirements.

Posted July 20, 2017


The new TESCAN S8000G Ga FIB-SEM.

(Click here to download a high resolution image.)

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