AXT Add New Range of Microscopes Suited to in situ Incubator Applications

AXT Pty Ltd is pleased to add the Etaluma range of Lumascopes to their life science portfolio. These compact high-resolution inverted microscopes provide live cell imaging capabilities and have been designed to operate inside standard CO2 incubators.

The Etaluma LS720 Lumascope for live cell imaging within an incubator.

The Lumascope range of microscopes are designed specifically for the examination and analysis of live cell morphology, viability and growth. Etaluma has designed the Lumascope from the ground up. By starting with the application, they are able to avoid redundant features seen in traditional inverted microscopes and instead focus on a custom design for a specific need.

Etaluma’s range of microscopes represent a new concept in digital fluorescence microscopy, which forms the backbone of life science imaging. Capable of produce high quality multichannel images of both fixed and live samples, they feature zero pixel shift filters, high resolution camera sensors and modern LED light sources.

With manual or automated options, they accommodate microplates, flasks, dishes, custom labware as well as slides which can be examined in situ inside incubators, biological safety cabinets and other environmentally controlled workstations.

Chris Shumate, CEO of Etaluma said, “we are excited to be working with the AXT team who have an excellent reputation and footprint in the life science microscopy market. We have every confidence that they will grow our market share in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Etaluma’s range of microscopes will make an excellent addition to our product range and support our strategy to bring technologies that enable better live cell imaging to market. Their products are unrivalled on a cost to performance basis. We look forward to showing the capabilities of the Lumascopes to our customers”, replied Richard Trett, AXT’s Managing Director.

Etaluma’s range of live cell imaging microscopes will complement AXT’s existing range of cell biology solutions.