Super Resolution Optical Microscope for Materials Science – Nanopsis M

The Nanopsis M is the world’s most powerful wide-field optical microscope

The Nanopsis M is a super resolution microscope designed specifically for the materials science market. Using patented Super resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL) technology, it incorporates revolutionary microsphere imaging optics. This technology offers unrivalled optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit enabling it to resolve features down to 50nm in white light, depending on the sample.

Microsphere Technology

Microsphere technology is the holy grail of optical microscopy that gives optical microscopes super resolution capabilities. Nanopsis are the first company in the world to commercialise the technology.

Using a precisely crafted polymer sphere, the Nanopsis M is able to resolve features beyond the diffraction limit of light using optical microscopy.

Comparison of Nanopsis SMAL with oil immersion microscopy

Choice of Spheres

A range of spheres are available to suit your application:

  • Smaller spheres provide better resolutions
  • Larger spheres longer working distances

Fast and Affordable

The Nanopsis M is an elegantly simple instrument that requires no special operating conditions and no coating making it non-destructive as well. It is also very affordable and significantly cheaper than any other super resolution microscope on the market.

With results available in just seconds, there is no need to be waiting around for access to expensive instrumentation.

The conventional objective allows you to easily locate areas of interest and then once identified you can quickly swap in the x400 SMAL lens to image features like never before.

Areas of Application

Super resolution optical microscopy will open doors to many fields that were only previously possible with SEM and TEM. Some of these include:

  • Materials science
  • Graphene
  • Nanomaterials
  • Metallurgy


Aluminium Alloy 2024 – Al-Mg-Si Alloy

Aluminium alloy nanopsis resolution comparison


Graphene viewed with 100x objective oil immersion microscopeGraphene viewed with Nanopsis SMAL Super resolution microscope

Semiconductors – Intel Core i3 Processor

Intel Core i3 Processor viewed using an oil immersion microscopeIntel Core i3 Processor viewed using an Nanopsis super resolution microscope


SMAL x400 Objective Lens

Resolving limit50 - 90nmNanopsis-M SMAL objective lens
Working Distance1 - 2µm
Focal depth2µm
ImmersionOil or water
Microsphere sizesMultiple sizes available

Stage Travel and Precision

Active axesX, Y, ZNanopsis M super resolution micrope stage
Integrated sensorCapacitive
Travel range (µm)200 x 200 x 200
Resolution (nm)<1
Max. load (kg)0.5M
InterfaceUSB 3.0 incl controller, software stitching with distrtoion correction
With controller and software stitching with distortion correction

8.8MP CMOS Camera

Resolution (pixels):4096 x 2160Nanopsis CMOS camera
Frame rate21 FPS
Dynamic range (dB)64.49
Exposure range0.024 ms to 1 sec.
InterfaceUSB 3.1 Gen. 1


ColourNeutral white LEDNanopsis super resolution microscope illumination
Correlated Colour Temperature4900 K
Typical lifetime>10,000 hrs

Nanopsis Software Suite

Image augmentation & stitchingNanopsis software
Auto focus, easy sample exploration
Easily export images
With with USB 3.0
Nanopsis-M Super resolution Optical Microscope

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