MRS Series Preclinical Imaging MRI Systems

MR Solutions offer revolutionary MRI systems for translational preclinical research. The MRS series MRI systems employ leading edge technology which is packaged into a cost-effective solution that provides you with the highest level of soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability.

At the core of the MRS MRI systems are their cryogen-free superconducting magnets that have almost no fringe field and require no liquid helium cooling. This, combined with their compact size enables you to integrate these systems into your laboratory alongside other imaging modalities increasing your analytical power and hastening your research.

Key Features

  • Cryogen-free superconducting magnets requiring no liquid helium cooling
  • Systems from 3T to 9T with variable field strength from 0.1T
  • Bore sizes from 17 to 31cm
  • Low fringe field allowing them to be used any facility
  • No special site requirements
  • Low running costs
  • Low weight and compact size
  • Can be co-located with other instruments for multi-modal imaging labs e.g. with PET, SPECT, CT, optical etc.
  • Multi-modal interchangeable beds
  • Ideal for class 3 and 4 labs

Complete Animal Handling Solution

Animal beds for MR Solutions MRI SystemsMRS series MRI systems can be supplied with industry standard accessories such as the latest generation of animal beds for handling of animals such as mice, rats and rabbits.

MR Solutions understand the importance to your research of being able to perform in vivo studies using different imaging modes in different instruments with the ability to image the same animal and the same region at various time intervals. As such, the animal beds are designed multi-modal ready and suit almost every commercially available system.

Features of the animal beds include:

  • Graduated beds to facilitate positioning reproducibility
  • Tooth bar to immobilising the animal
  • Closed cycle warm air heating
  • Provision for gas anaesthesia
  • Provisions for physiological monitoring and cardiac/respiratory gating
  • Integrated stereotactic holder

Site Requirements

Unlike other systems that use Wet magnet technology that requires liquid helium cooling, the MRS series MRI systems have no special site requirements.

  • Lightweight means no need for reinforced concrete floors
  • Negligible fringe field means no need for Faraday cages
  • Cryogen-free superconducting magnets (dry magnets) means no need for liquid helium cooling systems
  • Compact size means no special height requirements for the room


Preclinical ImagingMaterials ScienceMRI Physics
• Neurology research
• Cardiovascular research
• Cancer research and oncology
• Developmental biology
• Full body imaging
• Anatomical imaging
• Angiography
• Spectroscopy
• MRI porous media imaging
• Food products
• Porous media
• Plastics
• Soft solids
• Imaging technology and pulse sequences development


Animal ModelsMice, rats, marmosetsMice, rats, marmosets, rabbits, NHP (to 3kg)Mice, rats, marmosetsMice, rats, marmosetsMice, rats, rabbits
Site RequirementsPlug and play - no special room construction
Magnet Field Strength0 - 3.0T (rampable)0 - 3.0T (rampable)0 - 4.7T (rampable)0 - 7.0T (rampable)0 - 7.0T (rampable)
Magnet TypeCryogen-free superconducting
Bore Size17cm31cm17cm17cm24cm
Integrated RF ShieldYesYesYesYesYes
5 Gauss Line (from magnet centre)60cm radially x 80cm axially85cm radially x 143cm axially75cm radially x 125cm axially85cm radially x 155cm axially120cm radially x 219cm axially
F.O.V.DSV: 70mmElliptical: 138mm x 150mm axiallyElliptical: 100mm x 70mmElliptical: 110mm x 70cmElliptical: 154mm x 98mm
HomogeneityOver 30mm ±0.1ppm
Over 70mm DSV ±1ppm
Over 80mm DSV ±0.1ppm
Over 135mm DSV ±1ppm
Over 30mm ±0.1ppm
Over 70mm DSV ±1ppm
Over 30mm ±0.1ppm
Over 60mm DSV ±1ppm
Over 42mm DSV ±0.1ppm
Over 84mm DSV ±1ppm
Magnet Weight220kg<400kg<350kg<500kg<600kg
Dimensions (incl. stand)88 x 77 x 138cm (LxWxH)100 x 85 x 142cm (LxWxH)88 x 80 x 141cm
88 x 82 x 138cm (LxWxH)90 x 85 x 140cm (LxWxH)

RF Coils

Mousse Volume (Body)38mm ID Quadrature Birdcage
Mouse Head20mm ID Quadrature Birdcage
Rat Body65mm ID Quadrature Birdcage
Rat Head42mm ID Quadrature Birdcage
X NucleiYes
Large AnimalNoYesNo