mosquito LCP for Automated Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening (LCP)

The TTP Labtech mosquito LCP has been designed specifically to be able to deal with the highly viscous LCP mixture, a problem that some liquid handling systems have. The mosquito LCP is able to accurately dispense the LCP mixture used in membrane protein crystallisation experiments. Furthermore, it allows the user to automate LCP experiments with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Benefits For Automated Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening

The TTP Labtech mosquito LCP has many benefits for those involved with membrane protein screening and scale-up. These include:

  • The ability to dispense LCP volumes as low as 25nL
  • Preservation of valuable samples through the usage of smaller sample volumes
  • Automatic syringe calibration
  • Automated pipette positioning
  • Precise drop-on-drop placement, which provides for easy automated imaging
  • Automated vapour diffusion set-ups allowing you to use both tradional and LCP protein crystallisation experiments in any commercially available plate. This can be achieved using one instrument with no requirement for configuration, hardware or software changes
  • No risk of cross contamination through the use of positive displacement disposable tips
  • Small footprint

Automated Experiments

The mosquito LCP allows the automation of various experimental techniques including:

  • Hanging drop
  • Sitting drop
  • Microbatch
  • Seeding
  • Additive screening

These can all be performed using a single instrument.

in meso Experiments

The in meso experimentation technique employs highly viscous liquid mesophases that contain the insoluble membranes proteins for crystallisation. These mesophases can be almost solid at room temperature and can be difficult to recombine following the addition of the protein making accurate dispensing and precise drop positioning difficult. The mosquito LCP addresses these issues by:

  • Providing an optional mixer to help with creation of a homogeneous lipid mix
  • The dispensing needle and disposable pipettes use positive displacement pipetting to ensure accurate pipetting
  • Automated calibration of the LCP dispense needle, combined with highly accurate positioning of screen solutions ensures perfect drop-on-drop placement


Some applications for the mosquito Crystal include:

  • Optimisation of crystal formation using microseeding
  • Stabilisation of membrane proteins
  • Crystallisation of membrane proteins


Dispense range25nL - 1200nL
Plate/Deck capacity2 or 4
Experimental setup typeLCP, hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch, bicelle
Plate set up time<2 mins
LCP set up <5mins
Dead volume<0.3 μL
Min accessible volume10nL
Dimensions (w x d x h)450 x 590 x 690 mm
Services220V single phase 50/60 Hz
Noise64 dBA peak noise during operation
Optional extrasHumidity chamber, LCP mixer

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