Model 2550 – Cryo Tomography Holder

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 2550 Cryo Tomography Holder include:

  • Base temperature better than -170 °C
  • Low drift rate
  • High resolution
  • Maximised field of view
  • Rapid cool-down to working temperature

CRYO Electron Microscopy

The optimal cryogenic tomography sample holder for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) combines high tilt angle capabilities, large field of view, angstrom resolution with exceptionally low drift. The Model 2550 has all these features and adds a liquid nitrogen-coled cryo-transfer TEM specimen holder that achieves a base temperature better than -170°C.

CRYO Transfer

The Cryo Tomography Holder from Fischione retracts the tip into a cryogenically cooled shield in the body of the holder to protect the specimen from contamination during cryo transfer to the TEM.

During transfer and imaging, the specimen and shield are held at cryogenic temperatures. The unique design of the Cryo Tomography Holder see the cooled tip and shield thermally isolated from holder body which maximises resolution while at the same time reduces drift. This system also dampens environmental vibrations induced into the sample holder as well as the time required to reach the base temperature.

Innovative Dewar Design

An efficient liquid nitrogen dewar provides long working times between fills. Its unique configuration and lightweight design provide excellent stability, even at high-tilt angles.