Model 2045 – Motorised Dual Axis Tomography Holder

The Fischione Model 2045 Motorized Dual-Axis Tomography Holder is based on the revolutionary Model 2040 Dual-Axis Tomography Holder. It has been designed for applications requiring software-controlled, automated, in-plane rotation of the specimen.

Motorised Sample Manipulation

Motorised sample manipulation is possible through the microscope’s software control system and it can be integrated to allow both sample tilt and rotation. The Model 2045 Dual-Axis Tomography Holder features an optimal tilt-angle range in narrow gap (~5 mm) pole piece geometries. The fully jeweled mechanism provides ultra-precise, in-plane, specimen rotation while maintaining eucentric height.

Tilt and Rotation Range

The versatility of the Model 2045 allows the specimen to be automatically rotated from +180° to -180° to initially orient either the grid bars or a specimen feature to the alpha-tilt axis. Once the first tilt series has been determined, the specimen can then be rotated 90° with respect to the first orientation for the subsequent acquisition of the second tilt series. Acquiring a dual-axis tilt series further enhances the quality of information contained in the tomogram. Motorisation is essential when conducting conical tilt tomography, as well as any other high-throughput application.

System Automation

Automation through the microscope facilitates dual-axis tomography via remote operation, which is especially useful for TEMs that are located in an enclosed environment.

FlexiClamp System

The holder features a FlexiClamp, a spring-type, annular ring that securely clamps the specimen into the specimen cup. This system maximises specimen visibility, even at high-tilt angles.

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 2045 Motorised Dual Axis Tomography Holder include:

  • Motorised rotational control suited to high-throughput applications
  • Suited to use with FEI Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) control systems
  • Maximises tomographic data obtained from the specimen
  • Allows for remote control of rotation and dual-axis functionality
  • Extended field of view even at high tilt angles
  • Easy, secure sample retention with the FlexiClamp system
  • Also available in a non-motorised version