Model 2040 – Dual Axis Tomography Holder

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 2040 Dual Axis Tomography Holder include:

  • Fully-jewelled mechanism for ultra-precise planar specimen rotation
  • Optimised tilt in pole-piece gaps as small as 5mm
  • Ideal for room temperature electron tomography
  • Maximises tomographic data obtained from the specimen
  • Extended field of view

Precise, In Situ Planar Rotation

The Dual-Axis Tomography Holder is ideally suited to transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging or analysis requiring in situ specimen rotation. Acquiring a dual-axis tilt series enhances the information contained in the tomogram.

The Dual-Axis Tomography Holder features an optimal tilt angle range in narrow gap (~5 mm) pole-piece geometries, while maintaining microscope resolution.

The fully jewelled mechanism provides ultra-precise, in-plane specimen rotation, while maintaining eucentricity.

Specimen Clamp

The system uses a spring-type FlexiClamp, annular ring which securely holds the specimen into the specimen cup. It has been designed to maximise specimen visibility, even at high-tilt angles. A dedicated tool facilitates the use of the FlexiClamp.

Initially, the specimen can be fully rotated through 360º to orient either the grid bars or a specimen feature to the alpha tilt axis. Once the specimen is properly oriented, the first tilt series is acquired. A two-position precision indexing mechanism provides 90º in-plane rotation. These features greatly facilitate the acquisition of a dual-axis tilt series.