Model 190 – Cryo-Can

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 190 Cryo-Can include:

  • Elimination of sample contamination during scanning electron microscope (SEM) operation
  • SEM can be used while the Cryo-Can is cooled, even on SEMs without airlocks
  • Contaminants condense onto a removable, cold surface
  • Can work either before or while the SEM is operating

Provides Clean Environment For SEM

High quality SEM results are mode possible using the Fischione Cryo-Can as it provides a clean environment for SEM sample imaging and analysis and helps eliminate chamber contamination resulting from sample outgassing and other sources. It is effective at improving the accuracy of both imaging and analytical data quality and is ideally suited to high beam current applications.

Uses SEM Vacuum System

The Cryo-Can vacuum container can be readily connected to one of the SEM chamber ports and does not need an independent vacuum system. The unit incorporates a removable liquid nitrogen vessel that is contained within the vacuum container. Once the SEM chamber and Cryo-Can are evacuated, liquid nitrogen is introduced into the vessel of the Cryo-Can. The cold surface of the vessel traps contaminants outside the SEM chamber.

Removal Of The Condenced Contamination

The liquid nitrogen vessel is typically removed after 30 minutes to 5 hours of operation. Removing the vessel while it is cold removes the condensed contamination from the SEM. Placing a lid on the vacuum container seals the SEM chamber when the Cryo-Can is not in use. When the SEM vacuum system is activated, the Cryo-Can is evacuated along with the SEM chamber.

Once the liquid nitrogen vessel is emptied and placed onto a stand, both the vessel and the stand can be baked to regenerate the surface of the liquid nitrogen vessel, allowing it to be reused without reintroducing contamination into the SEM.