mirrorball – High Sensitivity Cytometer

mirrorball is a next generation laser-scanning microplate cytometer producing accurate, quantitative data for a wide range of applications, including fluorescent cell- and bead-based assays.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the mirrorball cytometer include:

  • Homogeneous no-wash assays – high sensitivity with no washing, allowing assays compatible with both adherent and non-adherent lines
  • Simple mix-and-read assay format – eliminates the need for wash and incubation steps of ELISA. Simpler format also enables automation and reduced reagent requirements
  • High speed multiplexing – first microplate cytometer to offer simultaneous laser scanning, speeding up assays by a factor of 3. This enables enhanced multiplexing and analytical capabilities and accelerated data generation
  • High sensitivity flow cytometry in a microplate – an alternative to flow cytometry for the detection of low affinity antibodies and proteins found in low abundance
  • High content imaging – whole well imaging makes statistically relevant results easier to achieve
  • Easy to use – Cellista is a template-driven software package designed for multiple user environments


mirrorball’s high sensitivity and superior multiplexing capabilities make it ideal for antibody discovery and a range of multiparametric high content imaging applications. In-well analysis ensures compatibility with adherent suspension cells, eliminating the upstream sample preparation of traditional flow cytometer or ELISA assays. mirroball offers new opportunities for highly sensitive detection in a wide range of assays. Typical applications include:

  • Monoclonal antibody development – primary screening and lead optimization
  • High sensitivity cytometry – detection and quantification of proteins and analytes present in low abundance e.g. intracellular kinases, GFP constructs, transporter proteins, cell surface receptors
  • Quantitation assays – quantitate multiple analytes in wells using beads coated with capture protein. Suitable with beads of different fluorescent intensity

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