MiniFlex 600 – Benchtop XRD (X-Ray Diffractometer)

The multipurpose MiniFlex is the world’s most advanced benchtop XRD.

The latest generation MiniFlex (6th generation, released June 2017) is a truly multipurpose analytical instrument suited to the determination of:

  • Phase identification
  • Phase quantification
  • Per cent crystallinity
  • Crystallite size and strain
  • Lattice parameter refinement
  • Rietveld refinement
  • Molecular structure

Key Features

  • Compact design/small footprint/benchtop configuration
  • Latest technology HPAD detector
  • High flux 600W source
  • Radiation safe enclosure with safety interlocks
  • Simple installation and training
  • Factory aligned goniometer
  • Incident beam variable slit
  • Laptop/PC operation


The MiniFlex is ideal for use in many operations where available space is limited and high throughput rates are not required. It excels in areas such as:

  • Materials science
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Mineralogy

And is equally at home in academic and industrial research scenarios, as well as being an ideal teaching tool.

Advanced HPAD Detector

The latest generation MiniFlex benefits from the latest technology Hybrid Pixel Array Detector (HPAD) detector. The HyPix-400 MF 2D enables switching between 0D, 1D and 2D modes with the click of a mouse. The direct photon counting capability enables high speed counting and exceptionally low noise.

0D and 1D modes are suited to conventional XRD, while 2D mode is superior for samples with coarse grain sizes and/or preferred orientation.

Key Hardware Features

The MiniFlex 600 is powered by a 600W X-ray source, the highest power in its class which enables faster scans, higher sample throughput rates and better chance of detecting trace phases.

The 6th generation instrument also benefits from a new 8 position sample changer (ASC-8) enabling you to load more samples thus increasing efficiency.

The system also allows you to choose from a variety of anode materials to suit your specific application.

PDXL Software

The 6th Generation MiniFlex incorporated the latest version of Rigaku’s PDXL powder diffraction analysis software. This full-function software package offers additional functionality including:

  • Fundamental parameter method (FP) for more accurate peak calculation
  • Phase identification using the Crystallography Open Database (COD)
  • A wizard for ab inito crystal structure analysis

System Options

The MiniFlex can be tailored to suit your specific requirements with options such as:

  • 8 position sample changer with spinner
  • Graphite monochromator
  • D/teX Ultra 2: silicon strip detector
  • HyPix-400 MF 2D HPAD detector
  • Air sensitive sample holder
  • High temperature stage
  • Travel case
8 position sample changer for MiniFlex

ASC-8 8 position automatic sample changer

D/tex Ultra 1D high speed detector for Miniflex XRD difractometer

D/tex Ultra 2 high speed silicon strip detector

Rigaku HyPix 400 HPAD Detector

HyPix-400 MF 2D HPAD detector (Hybrid Pixel Array Detector)

Specimen rotation attachment / sample spinner for Miniflex XRD difractometer

Specimen rotation attachment / sample spinner

Graphite diffracted beam monochromator for Miniflex XRD difractometer

Graphite diffracted beam monochromator

Air Sensitive Sample Holder for Miniflex XRD difractometer

Air sensitive sample holder

High Temperature Stage for Miniflex XRD

High temperature stage (500°C) for Miniflex XRD

University of Southampton

Take a Look Inside the 6th Generation MiniFlex Benchtop XRD

Overview of the MiniFlex 600 X-Ray Diffractometer

The Rigaku MiniFlex 600 Benchtop XRD

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