Micromanipulator for Light Microscopy – MM3A-LMP

The Kleindiek MM3A-LMP micromanipulator is an economical and flexible alternative to semiconductor probing instruments. Characteristics that make it an ideal solution for this electrical probing include:

  • Low drift
  • High precision
  • Large working range
  • Immunity to environmental conditions

The MM3A-LMP outperforms conventional probers in all these departments. In fact, there is nothing on the market that offers the same stability, precision and flexibility, making ut the ideal candidate for building your own prober station. Furthermore, it is suited to measurements on 45nm, 65nm 90nm and larger technologies.

Key Advantages

Compact and flexible design

  • Small and practical
  • Plug-and-play system with modular components
  • Interfacing solutions for most microscopes
  • Fast setup and removal
  • Effortless work with multiple manipulators
  • Useful plug-in tools

Clear and simple

  • Result-oriented operation and increased throughput
  • Intuitive control interfaces and software
  • User-friendly and easy to learn
  • Quick and easy tool exchange
  • Compact, stand-alone electronics with PC interface
  • Pioneering cabling technology

Robust and stable

  • Compact construction delivers higher resonance frequencies
  • Excellent stability
  • Low drift (1 nm/min)
  • Reliable operation (one year endurance test)
  • Virtually insusceptible to vibrations
  • Fast pre-positioning by hand

Fast and precise

  • No backlash or reversal play
  • Sub-nanometer resolution (0.25 nm)
  • Extensive working range (100 cm³)
  • No “blind axis” like with cartesian systems
  • Integrated coarse and fine displacement in one drive
  • High operating velocity (up to 10 mm/sec)

Key Features

Dimensions62.1x20.4x25.4 mm (LxWxH)
Weight45 g
Operating RangeA & B = 240°
C = 12mm
SpeedA & B = 10 mm/s (max)
C = 2 mm/s (max)
ResolutionA = 10-7 rad (5nm)
B = 10-7 rad (3.5nm)
Resolution C = <0.5 nm
Holding Force1 N
Holding torque3 - 4 nm
LiftY: 5 g
Temperature range273 to 353 K
Lowest pressureNot vacuum compatible
MaterialStainless steel, aluminium
A=left/right B=up/down C=in/out

Micromanipulator for Light Microscopy

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