Micro-Z ULS – Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyser

The Rigaku Micro-Z ultra-low sulphur (ULS) WDXRF instrument has been designed for the analysis of diesel, petroleum and other fuels according to ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884 and JIS K251-7.

The Micro-Z features a novel design that measures both the sulphur peak and background intensity. By correcting for background intensity, the instrument is better able to calculate net peak intensity producing superior calibrations and enhanced precision.

Superior Optics

The system consistently delivers high precision measurements thanks to robust fixed optics in a vacuum environment with a doubly curved RX-9 analysing crystal. These features help to deliver sulphur contents in petroleum fuels down to the lower limit of detection of 0.3ppm


The Micro-Z ULS has been designed for both the expert and novice user. From calibration to routine analysis, the user-friendly interface makes all operations very simple to execute. Futhermore, the ability to connect to a standard AC outlet mean the Micro-Z can be located almost anywhere.


The Micro-Z is suited to measuring sulphur levels in petroleum fuels. This is very relevant as mant countries have reduced the sulphur content permitted in fuels to improve fuel efficiency and to create cleaner exhaust emissions.

Key Features

Features of the Micro-Z ultra-low sulphur analysis instrument include:

  • Ultra-low sulphur analysis of diesel and petrol
  • Able to detect down to 0.3ppm sulphur (lower limit of detection, LLD)
  • No need for helium purge
  • Easy-to-use benchtop format
  • Complies with ASTM D2622-10, ISO 20884 and JIS K2541-7


MetricS analyzer
X-ray tubeCompact air-cooled Cr target X-ray tube
Analyzing crystalRX9
Analysis area30 mm diameter
Sample chamber6-sample turret
GroundGround resistance 30 Ω or less
Ambient conditionRoom temperature: 15-28°C (daily variation: less than 2°C)
Humidity: less than 75% RH
GasHe (flow rate: 100 mL/min)

Micro-Z ULS for Ultra Low Sulfur Analysis of Fuels