LYRA FIB-FESEM – Gallium Focussed Ion Beam Ga FIB-SEM

The LYRA combines a high resolutions Schottky FE-SEM with a high performance FIB column, resulting in a system that will cater for even the most demanding electron microscopists. The most recent version, the 3rd generation LYRA field emission scanning electron microscope gives users access to the latest technologies such as improved high performance electronics for faster image acquisition, ultrafast scanning with compensation for static and dynamic range aberrations and built-in scripting for user-defined applications. All this in a package that maintains the best price-to-performance ratio on the market.

Modern Optics

The Tescan LYRA features:

  • A unique Wide Field OpticsTM design providing the user with a range of working and displaying modes
  • The proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML), which works as an ‘aperture changer’, changing the effective final aperture electromagnetically.
  • Real time In-Flight Beam TracingTM for performance and beam optimisation, integrated with the well-established software Electron Optical Design. It also includes direct and continuous control of the beam spot size and beam current
  • Fully automated electron optics set-up and alignment
  • Rapid imaging rate
  • Unique live stereoscopic imaging using advanced 3D Beam Technology which opens up the micro and nano-world for an amazing 3D experience and 3D navigation
  • E-Beam lithography available with an optional Beam Blanker

High Performance Ion Optics

There are two FIB columns available to users:

  • CANION FIB for fast and accurate cross-sectioning and TEM sample separation
  • Optional Ultra-High resolution COBRA-FIB column which offers the highest level of imaging and milling

FIB Charactaristics

The LYRA FIB-FESEM boasts the following characteristics:

  • Unique ion optic column, differentially pumped using 2 ion pumps producing ultra-low ion scattering
  • Motorised aperture changer with ultra-high reproducibility
  • Standard Beam Blanker and Faraday Cup
  • Simultaneous SEM imaging and FIB etching or deposition
  • FIB functions are fully software controlled
  • Powerful and user-friendly toolbox for delineation of both basic and complex shape creation with programmable process parameters
  • Micro/nano machining
  • Ion beam lithography

Easy Maintenance

The LYRA electron microscope has been designed to make maintenance operations as easy as possible and minimise downtime as well as minimising operator effort.

Automated Procedures

To further minimise operator effort, many processes such as microscope set up and other routine processes have been automated so that the operator can concentrate on results generation and analysis. In addition, the built-in scripting language enables operators to access most software features so that they can automate more processes according to their requirements. Such processes include stage control, image acquisition, processing and analysis etc.


The included software has been designed to be user-friendly and enable the user to get the most from their instrument. Features include:

  • Multi-user environment is localised in many languages
  • Image management and report creation
  • Built-in self-diagnostics for system readiness checks
  • Network operations and remote access/diagnostics
  • Modular software architecture enables several extensions to be attached
  • Basic set of Software modules, such as highly automated ion beam control; DrawBeam Basic pattern generator; Simultaneous FIB/SEM imaging; Predefined FIB working profiles available as standard
  • Several optional modules or dedicated applications optimised for automatic sample examination procedures, such as Particles Basic/Advanced or 3D surface reconstruction, etc.
  • DrawBeam software module turns the focused ion beam provided scanning electron microscope into a potent instrument not only for electron beam lithography, but also for electron beam deposition and electron beam etching as well as for ion beam deposition and ion beam milling
  • 3D Tomography software option provides fully automated procedure of serial SEM imaging of FIB-prepared cross-sections and subsequent 3D reconstruction and visualisation.


The Tescan LYRA FIB-SEM has been designed to suit a range of research and industrial applications. The excellent resolution at high beam currents make the LYRA the obvious choice for analytical applications including EDX, WDX, EBSD, 3D tomography etc. Some examples of areas where the LYRA excels are electron/ion lithography and TEM sample preparation thanks to the powerful software package bundled with the system.

Chamber Types

Chamber typeXMGM
Internal dimensions285 mm (wide) x 340 mm (deep)340 mm (wide) x 315 mm (deep)
Door285 mm (wide) x 320 mm high340 mm (wide) x 320 mm (high)
Number of Ports12+20+
Chamber suspensionPneumaticActive vibration isolation (integrated)
Specimen stageFully-motorisedFully-motorised
MovementsX = 130mm
Y = 130mm
Z = 100mm
Rotation: 360° cont.
X = 130mm
Y = 130mm
Z = 100mm
Rotation: 360° cont.


All Tescan electron microscopes come with standard and optional detectors.

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