The Nanophoton LIBcell is an environmental cell for inert atmosphere analysis.

The LIBcell is fabricated from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and features a 1mm thick quartz observation window. Gas-tight construction ensures samples can be isolated in an inert atmosphere for Raman analysis. The integrity of the internal environment has been confirmed using highly reactive lithium which showed no signs of conversion to LiOH after 24hrs in the LIBcell.

Samples are loaded into the LIBcell in a glovebox prior to mounting onto the microscope stage.

The approximate dimensions of the sample chamber are 10mm diameter by 1.5cm deep.


The LIBcell has been designed for the study of materials that are sensitive or degrade under ambient conditions. It also enables studies where the effect of ambient atmospheric conditions can be determined. Such an example is the performance of a charged anode in Argon and in air.

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