KH-8700 3D Digital Microscope

The Hirox KH-8700 3D digital microscope is a total imaging solution that produces fast, easy, high quality images.

It enables the user to locate and identify small but significant details quickly and efficiently. The new GENEX engine and 24 frames per second (FPS) output provides smooth functioning and fast performance. IN tandem with a full HD monitor and high intensity LED optics, the KH-8700 attains optimal image quality.

24fps High Quality Video Output

The new GENEX graphics processor allows the CCD camera to capture images at the rate of 24fps at a resolution of 1200 x 1600 pixels. This results in smooth on-screen performance in real time and sets the benchmark for digital microscopes.

High Intensity LED Source

The new high intensity LED light source illuminates samples at 5700K temperature, which is very close to daylight temperature (5500K). This reproduces true sample colour images and requires no warm up time.

The LED light source has a life span of 30,000 hours, or better then 10 years (based on 8hr days and 30 days of operation per month). In addition, this light source is environmentally friendly, using about 25% of the power other light sources and produces less heat and UV.

Full High Definition Monitor

The 21.5″ full HD (1920×1080 pixels) integrated monitor is a first for any digital microscope. The monitor itself is of top quality with high pixel reproduction and displays 16.77 million colours. It features a contrast ration of 1000:1 and brightness of 300cd/m2.

The monitor uses an aspect ratio of 9:16 which allows the new menu system and other functions to be displayed in conjunction with the live images.

Auto Focus

One of the particularly user-friendly features of the Hirox KH-8700 3D digital microscope is the auto focus functionality. The microscope uses a 0.05 micron pulse motorised z-axis which allows quick and easy.

Auto focussing on a point is as easy as double clicking on the point of interest.

3D Imaging

Creating a 3D image is as easy as identifying the bottom most focal plane and letting the intuitive system do the rest. The system then scans the sample from bottom to top and creates a 3D image.

The Hirox KH-8700 3D digital microscope provides fastest in class 3D imaging.

2D Measurements

The software allows the user to make a range of measurements including length, area and surface area, which can be determined in various styles. All these functions are available at the click of a mouse.

In addition, all the measurement data can be saved with the image or exported as a CSV file.


Point Focus (Auto Focus)A key advantage in the line of Hirox digital microscopy is the ability to easily and quickly autofocus an image.
24 Frame / SecondThe new high-speed Genex Graphics Processor allows Hirox's CCD camera to capture 24 fps with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1200x1600 pixels.
Full High Definition LCD Monitor21.5" Full HD LCD monitor (1920 x 1080) is integrated into KH-8700 and has one of the top grade high intensity pixel reproduction.
GENEXFor the first time ever in digital microscopy, the CCU (Genex) combines a high sensitivity compact CCD camera operating in a 32 bit image with high resolution at 1200 x 1600 pixels on "Live Image."
High Intensity LED Light SourceThe new high intensity LED light source provides 5700K temperature, which closely portrays day light color temperature (5460K) to re-produce true sample color image as well as full illumination immediately with no warm up time. Average life time of 30,000 hours, equivalent to over 10 years of usage (Note: 8 hours/day x 30 days x 12 months x 10 years).


2D MeasurementMeasurements including length, area, and surface area can be taken in various styles. Using only mouse operation, the object on the monitor can be measured in real-time.
Fastest System to create 3D Model Image.The integrated stepping motor allows for faster, smoother, and more accurate scanning with 0.05 um/pulse precision and 30 mm of automated travel distance.
Lighting (Flashlight)Manipulate lighting digitally after building a 3D model in order to yield more data. Variable lighting through the software allows the end-user to improve edge after capturing.
Point Height MeasurementDisplay point height by simply clicking on the 3D model image. With each click, height value labels are displayed from a standard zero point or one can set a zero point (new reference point) to a specific position on the model.
Volume and Area MeasurementThe operator can adjust slicer to measure volume, surface and cross-section area on the 3D model image.

Capture and Record

Real-Time 3D TilingIn an optical system, 3D images are produced by vertically stacking the depth of field, focus point to focus point. However, at low magnification this method is not possible, because the depth of field is too high. Until now, height information could only be gathered in the vertical axis. By allowing the user to continuously stack the depth of field, focus point to focus point with the freedom to move horizontally, the user can create a 3D model with a field of view as if it were captured with a low magnification lens.
Enhanced Digital ProcessingPreview your adjustments before processing an image. Various options are now imbedded into the KH-8700 to further broaden the field for image selection. Not only is this possible for HDR and Anti-Halation images, but 3D models as well.
Anti-Vibration (Camera Stabilization)Some working environments can cause constant micron level shaking on microscopy stages. A solution to this problem is Hirox’s new Anti-Vibration feature improving observations in adverse conditions.
Split Window (Multi-View)Multiple image can be simultaneously displayed for comparison. You can split the screen horizontally or vertically, or divide the screen into 4 windows.First in the industry,be able to access all functions when splitting the screen into vertical / horizontal comparisons or multi-view comparisons.

Easy Operation

Remote Device (CT-R01)User friendly controller simplifies operation by integrating all functions with a touch-screen. The remote device provides quick and easy operation. Main functions are displayed on the remote’s home-screen for easy access. In addition, the device allows adjustments of shutter speed, the ability to quickly auto-white balance, and control Z-Axis movement as well as rotary speed/direction.

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