K-Alpha™+ – X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS)

The award-winning K-Alpha+ is a research grade XPS spectrometer that delivers higher count rates and produces faster analyses leading to  enhanced chemical detectability.

Analytical Performance

The K-Alpha+ is versatile and allows various analytical functions to be performed including:

  • Selectable area spectroscopy
  • Sputter depth profiling
  • Micro-focused monochromator
  • Snapshot acquisition
  • High-resolution chemical state spectroscopy
  • Insulator analysis
  • Quantitative chemical imaging


The system also includes a range of XPS software packages to meet the exacting requirements of both experienced XPS users and those new to the technology. It has modes that automate repetitive tasks and produce reports or allows experiences users to take full control of the instrument.

The software allows the user to:

  • Acquire data – Spectra, images, profiles and line scans
  • Data interpretation – Elemental and chemical state identification
  • Data processing – Quantification, peak fitting, real-time profile display, spectrum-image manipulation, PCA, phase analysis, TFA, NLLSF, PSF removal, optical/XPS image overlays
  • Reporting – Automated report generation and the ability to export to other software packages
  • Hardware control – Hardware is fully controllable from the Advantage software package
  • Archive management – The Advantage Indexer manages data files
  • Audit trail logging
  • System performance logging
  • Calibration – Performed on demand
  • Full remote operation

The combination of cutting edge hardware and powerful, yet user-friendly software allows users to make the most of the monochromated XPS performance with intelligent automation and intuitive controls.

System Options

Options that can be added to the K-Alpha+ to extend its capabilities include:

  • Glove box with recirculating inert-gas atmosphere for transfer or air/moisture sensitive samples
  • Tilt module for ARXPS data collection

Key Features

Key features of the Thermo Scientific K-Alpha+ include:

  • Analyser — 180° double focusing hemispherical analyser with 128-channel detector
  • X-ray source — Al Kα micro-focused monochromator with variable spot size (30-400µm in 5µm steps)
  • Ion Gun — Energy range 100-4000eV
  • Charge Compensation — Dual beam source
  • Sample Handling — 4-axis sample stage, 60 x 60mm sample area, 20mm maximum sample thickness
  • Vacuum System — 2x 220L/s turbo molecular pumps for entry and analysis chambers



The Thermo K-Alpha+ is suited to a wide range of surface analysis applications. Examples include:

  • Characterisation of ultra-thin films
  • Chemical mapping of polymers
  • Investigation of the ageing of paper
  • Analysis of membrane electrodes in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
  • Analysis of contact lenses

It is suited to the analyses of:

  • Metals and other advanced materials
  • Polymers
  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Biomaterials
  • Nanomaterials

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