inviCRO – Software Solutions for Medical Research

inviCRO have vast expertise in medical imaging, with a mission of improving the role and function of imaging in translational drug discovery and development. They offer a suite of services and software with applications ranging from tissue to human, from target identification to Phase 3 trials across the entire electromagnetic spectrum of imaging techniques. Their expertise spans most of the imaging techniques and modalities used both clinically and in pre-clinical imaging including MRI, SPECT, FLECT, PET, FLECT and CT as well as optical and EM.

Software Platforms

These software platforms enable enhanced image analysis capabilities (VivoQuant) along with sophisticated data management, reporting and data sharing tools (iPACS). Both of these software products have been designed to work seamlessly together to provide a fully integrated platform that allows you to get the most out of your data and rapidly take your studies into clinical trials by proving a greater understanding of your images and data and enhance streamlined collaborations by efficient use of cloud-based storage solutions.

Over 175 labs, including 70% of the top pharmaceutical laboratories and 900+ active users around the world rely on inviCRO’s software solutions to analyze and manage their image assets and related meta data. The implementation of these systems allows scientists to more efficiently carry out their research and speed up the R&D process, resulting in faster commercialization.

These software solutions have broad appeal ranging across applications of disease study and imaging informatics in the life science and clinical research arena.

Contract Research

inviCRO also offers contract research services. They have completed over 850 trials since 2011 which clearly demonstrates their scientific prowess in their field. It is this understanding of the processes and workflows that make them ideally qualified to produce the software platforms that can be successfully implemented into your research operation to increase your efficiency.

The inviCRO Approach

inviCRO views work with sponsors as a scientific partnership, built upon collaboration to answer a research problem and utilizing the multi-disciplinary capabilities of our team.  They have worked hard to expand their domain knowledge across both research and therapeutic disciplines.  The inviCRO team takes pride not only in the quality of our services and software offerings, but also in the innovations they have brought to and/or supported for the research community.

Diseases are complex and require teams of complex thinkers to beat them.  inviCRO is a company that seeks to provide technology and data to help researchers as they fight such complex diseases..

Highly Qualified Team

The success of inviCRO’s products can be attributed to their highly qualified and multidisciplinary team that includes scientists and researchers from a range of backgrounds. This includes scientists with backgrounds and degrees including physics, optics, engineering (electrical, chemical, biomedical, software, mechanical, and computer), mathematics, neuroscience, chemistry, molecular biology and statistics.

inviCRO’s unique team of scientific professionals collaborate widely to help develop innovative solutions to difficult research problems. The result of which are these software platforms which empower medical researchers and clinicians working in molecular imaging.

inviCRO continues to expand bolstered recently by the acquisition of Molecular NeuroImaging (MNI) on February 25. MNI are leaders in the field of neurological-focused imaging and scintigraphy services. inviCRO and MNI are each industry leaders, and combined are poised to considerably expand global imaging services. With a combined team of interdisciplinary researchers, inviCRO will now cover the entire spectrum of translational imaging capabilities.