Integrated Systems Engineering – ISENET Tissue Microarray Systems

Integrated Systems Engineering Srl (ISENET) is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of medical research instrumentation specialising in Tissue Microarray Pathology applications. As such they are primarily involved in biotechnology and bioengineering

Their main activities are:

  1. Medical Research Instrumentation; design, manufacture and distribution
  2. Stem Cells; Quality Control, Banking and Distribution
  3. Biobanking Consultancy; design, construction and management

Tissue Microarrayers

ISENET has developed an enviable reputation in the field of TMA systems and has become one of the world leaders. They currently have a range of tissue microarray products that are distributed all over the world. The technology used in these systems is protected by US Patent 6,669,710 and European Patent 1,068,528, all titled “Tumor Tissue Microarrays for Rapid Molecular Profiling”.

The current family of Galileo tissue microarray systems are computer-controlled with semi-automatic operation. This mode of operation provides the best optimal combination of processing speed and reliability, resulting in the best possible sample preparation. The various systems have been developed to cater for laboratories with high and low sample throughput rates as well as varying budgets. In all cases, using a Galileo tissue microarrayer will decrease the amount of time required for sample preparation while enabling accurate upstream processing.

ISENET are committed to the ongoing development of advanced automated instrumentation for tissue microarray pathology applications.


ISENET was established in 1996 after being spun out of Kontron Instruments, a leading European designer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation.

It was then purchased by Pasquale De Blasio (currently the CEO and Managing Director) and Ida Biunno (currently Scientific Director). Since this time they have focussed the company’s activities and firmly established them as one of the leaders in their field.

Pasquale De Blasio has more than 40 years of experience in academic and industrial postings. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University (PA, USA) as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University (Italy).  Pasquale has held senior academic positions at Temple University (PA, USA), Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy), and University of Milan, Centre of Excellence CISI (Centre of Interdisciplinary bio-molecular studies and industrial applications) (Italy).

Research Projects

ISENET is actively involved in “Public-Private Partnerships” and research projects contributing with their considerable expertise. Some of the projects that they are currently and have been involved in include:

  1. NetLips (Lombardy iPS Network) (ATP MIUR-Lombardy Region) as coordinator – Current
  2. NEUROSTEMCELLREPAIR (EU FP7) – partner – Completed
  3. NEUROscreen (EU-FP6) – partner – Completed
  4. PISTA (Metadistretto- Lombardy Region) – partner – Completed
  5. NeuroStemCell (EU FP7)- partner – Completed
  6. ATP-SKE (ATP MIUR-Lombardy Region) – partner – Completed