Hunky – Protein Stability and Aggregation Platform

Automated detailed protein stability platform

Knowledge of the stability of your protein formulation is extremely important. Small adjustments to your formulation can have a drastic effect on the overall stability. This is where Hunky provides direct assistance by determining the ΔG information that other systems can’t provide. This data will quantify when your protein will aggregate.

Hunky can measure up to 96 samples at once and features 4 apps to suit your specific application, automated liquid handling and full data analysis making it the must have instrument for protein stability determination.

What doe Hunky Measure?

Hunky provides a comprehensive quantification of protein stability by measuring:

  • C½ – rank stability
  • ΔG – quantify stability
  • Agg Path – predict aggregation
  • ΔGtrend– zoom in on aggregation

Why is ΔG So Important

Biologics can exist anywhere between their native (folded) state and their denatured state. High ΔG values indicate stable formulations. If your formulation is highly denatured it will have a low ΔG, it could be very unstable and not worth pursuing.

ΔG provides a detailed differentiation of protein formulations that would otherwise be too difficult to determine using Tm alone.

Protein gibbs free energy unchained labs protein stability

Denaturation Curves

Hunky also produces denaturation curves and calculates C½, the concentration of denaturant required to unfold half your protein.

By combining C½ and Tm data you can double-check your results and easily determine which formulations are worth pursuing.

protein stability denaturation curves

Quantify How Denatured Your Protein is

The ΔG values that Hunky produces give you a direct indication of how much denatured protein you have in your sample.

Automated data fitting shows you up to 3 unfolding transitions, revealing small differences in your protein’s stability. All these experiments are carried out at room temperature to remove temperature differences from the equation.

protein stability quantification

Aggregation Propensity

Agg Path is a measure of aggregation propensity. Hunky measures ΔG at one high and one low concentration. By identifying at the formulation where ΔG stays constant, you’ll know you are on a winner.

ΔGtrend provides an even more detailed method to assess aggregation propensity by looking at how ΔG changes as a function concentration giving you a fantastic insight into whether your formulation will aggregate, how it will aggregate and how much it could aggregate.

protein stability prediction of aggregation

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