Haynes International to Replace Global Fleet of Handheld XRFs with SciAps X-300’s

SciAps, Inc., the leading provider of handheld analytical instruments, today announced it has received a large order from Haynes International, Kokomo, IN. Haynes is one of the world’s largest developers and producers of high-performance nickel and cobalt alloys including the well-known HAYNES® and HASTELLOY® families of alloys, with sales and/or service centers located throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

After a thorough evaluation of the latest generation handheld XRF analysers on the market, Haynes has selected the SciAps X-300 to exclusively replace their global fleet of handheld XRF analysers.

The evaluation process was extensive. It tested the analysers’ ability to accurately analyse wires down to 100 µm diameter, properly identify alloys exhibiting chromium depletion, separate alloys with very similar elemental specifications, and demonstrate the ability to perform both grade and heat verification. Features such as the ability to automatically download data globally, print wirelessly, and quickly customise aspects of the analyzer operation and UI were also part of the decision process.

“We’re honored to have earned the business from Haynes,” said Don Sackett, SciAps CEO. “They are a demanding customer both for analyzer performance and after-sale support, and we’re very proud to have succeeded in the evaluation process. Haynes has provided us very valuable feedback regarding analyzer features and performance during the course of the evaluation, which we’ve been happy to incorporate.”

“We’re pleased to be working with the SciAps team,” said Brian Carver, corporate PMI analyst-examiner for Haynes International. “We specified the features and performance benchmarks required for this analyzer, as well as the features we’d like to see included in future versions. SciAps provided the necessary software and hardware modifications to meet our criteria. They demonstrated they could deliver on the performance Haynes requires for alloy verification work globally.”

Posted September 27, 2017

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