GRUNT – Automated Biologic Formulation Preparation

With the GRUNT, you can automate the generation of protein-based formulations like never before.  You can eliminate all the hard involved with creating formulations and let GRUNT do all the dirty work for you.

When time is against you, and you need to produce loads of new and complex proteins, call on GRUNT. The automated operation, allows you to take care of other tasks while GRUNT happily produces your desired formulations.

Key Features

  • 12 formulations simultaneously
  • 1-8mL of each formulation
  • Up to 200mg/mL protein

Unique Formulation Methodology

The GRUNT’s automated approach for preparing formulations means no more need for endless hours of labour spent on spinning down Amicon tubes or manually loading dialysis cassettes.

Using an innovative micro UF/DF technology, the GRUNT can easily prepare dozens of protein formulations.  The GRUNT provides temperature controlled operation, multiple processing choices all followed up with an optional final concentrating step.

Unchained Labs GRUNT workflow

Unchained Labs GRUNT time savingFast Set Up and Simple Operation

Setting up a run on the GRUNT takes only 20 minutes.  It’s as simple as choosing your buffer recipe, inputting your desired parameters, creating a shopping list, dropping in your consumables and stocks and pressing start.  The GRUNT takes it from here.

You can forgot spending your days preparing buffers, spinning down columns and dialysing formulations.  The GRUNT can save 2 to 4 days of manual work.

Unchained Labs GRUNT precision formulationsAccurate and Repeatable Formulations

GRUNT was designed to produce precise formulations and precise pH measurements ensuring your formulations are consistent time after time.

Multiple buffer exchange options allow you to tailor the process for your specific protein ensuring you get the formulation you are looking for and require.

Unchained Labs GRUNT LEA SoftwareAll Your Data in One Place

With the addition of optional LEA software, you can house all your data in one place. The beauty of this is that you can easily track all your analytics and stress conditions and relate these back to your original formulation prepared on your GRUNT. It also allows all your colleagues to instantly access your stability data encouraging collaboration and teamwork so you can reach target and goals more rapidly.


GRUNT – The First Automated Buffer Preparation and Exchange System

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