Game Changing Unchained Labs Biologics Research Tools Available from AXT

AXT is excited to announce that they have partnered with Unchained Labs and will now be exclusively distributing their innovative and novel range of instruments for the analysis and formulation of biologics in Australia and New Zealand. These will be of particular interest to researchers developing protein-based therapeutics which have the potential to treat a range of illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

Unchained Labs have developed a range of problem-solving products that make a huge difference in biologics research and drug development. Their solutions have been designed specifically to replace current methods and tools that are not as efficient or productive. To achieve this, they have taken existing technologies and added significant improvements, culminating in breakthrough products.

Their products are characterised by increased capabilities, multi-functionality, automation and sensitivity allowing you to develop and analyse protein formulations more quickly and accurately. The upshot of this is less time spent developing and refining protein formulations allowing you to accelerate your research.

Specialising in a host of world’s-first products, Unchained Labs make light work of analysing biologics – from protein sizing, prediction of aggregation and stability, through to ramping up the preparation of your biologic formulations. With the addition of the freeslate and freeslate jr. products, robust and sensitive automation of biologics formulations, small molecular preformulation and process chemistry becomes a simplified walkaway process.

“We are very happy to partner with Unchained Labs”, said Desley Pitcher, National Sales Manager for Life Science products at AXT. She went further to say, “they are an innovative company providing solutions for pharmaceutical research. With the current global share of biologics-based drugs increasing, it is an exciting time for us to partner with a company producing such breakthrough and ground-breaking products. We look forward to putting these cutting-edge solutions in the hands of local researchers as they will help keep us at the forefront of medical research”.

The Unchained Labs range of biotherapeutics tools joins a host of other synergistic products such as automated liquid handlers, protein crystallography characterisation systems, ELISA-replacement technology and biobanking solutions in AXT’s life science product portfolio.

Posted September 20, 2016

Unchained Labs - Uncle - All-in-one Biologics stability platform

Unchained Labs – UNcle, all-in-one biologics stability platform

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