Frisker Compact Portable Digital Radiation Detectors

The Frisker frees you from older systems that require cables and heavy boxes. SE International’s Frisker is a lightweight radiation detector that can easily be used with one hand and has been designed to meet the needs of today’s radiation personnel.

The system integrates a proven Geiger-Mueller detector with the latest electronics into a robust, ergonomic package that is your partner for detecting alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays across a range of scales and units.

Operators are assisted by an audible beeper (that beeps with each count), blinking light (that blinks with each count) and backlit display, while the long handle helps to access difficult to reach areas.


The Frisker is suited to a wide range of radiation detection applications including:

  • Leak testing
  • Surface monitoring
  • Sample screening
  • Personnel screening

Operating Range

The Calibratable operating range of the Frisker is:

  • µR/hr – 1 to 50,000
  • CPM – 0.0 to 175,000
  • nSv/hr – 1 to 500,000
  • CPS – 0.0 to 2500

Accuracy (Cs137)SE International Frisker Digital Radiation Detector Energy Response Graph

  • Typically ±15% from factory
  • ±10% with NIST Source Calibration

Energy Sensitivity


  • Alpha down to 2 MeV
  • Beta down to .16 MeV typical detection efficiency at 1 MeV is approximately 25%
  • Gamma down to 10 KeV through the detector window
  • 3340 CPM/mR/hr (Cs137)
  • Smallest detectable level for I125 is .02 µCi at contact


Anti-saturationReadout will OVERRANGE in radiation fields as high as 100
times the maximum reading
AlertPulsating beeper sounds the alert. Adjustable alert levels are
used for µR/hr, mR/hr, CPM, µSv/hr, mSv/hr, and CPS.
DisplayBacklit liquid crystal display with mode indicators.
Count lightRed LED flashes with each count
Audio indicatorInternally mounted beeper
(can be switched off for silent operation)
Power requirementsTwo (2) AA alkaline batteries. Battery life is approx. 1000 hours
at normal background radiation levels w/o backlight (based on
1000m/Ah batteries).
Temperature range-10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)
Weight217 g (7.7 oz.)
Dimensions276 x 44 x 64 mm
IncludesCarrying case
Protective boot
Protective boot
Compensation filters

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