FIB Stub 3.0 from DENSsolutions Simplifies TEM Lamella Prep on MEMS Nano-Chips

DENSsolutions introduces the 3rd generation of the FIB Stub which enables researchers to prepare a lamella and place it directly on the Nano-Chip, all inside the FIB. The new FIB Stub 3.0 incorporates many improvements that make FIB sample preparation easier, safer and quicker, while eliminating the need to break the vacuum of your FIB chamber.

DENsolutions FIB Stub 3.0 Simplifies TEM Lamella Prep
FIB Stub 3.0 simplifies TEM lamella prep

TEM microscopists know that sample preparation is key to good imaging and analysis. FIB lamellae preparation is a common and complicated method, especially when preparing lamella onto MEMS-based Nano-chips. The latest version solves many limitations from previous versions, improving reliability and allowing you to produce TEM lamellae more successfully.

FIB Stub 3.0 features an additional flat side for placing the samples that ensures a conventional geometry and the very same and the well-known process used by any FIB operator when making and lifting out the lamella. The new geometry improves imaging quality, even during low kV milling and polishing stages. Additionally, more effective grounding pads reduce charging effects.

A new dedicated pocket and a smart clamping mechanism drastically simplifies and speeds up the Nano-Chip loading and unloading, increasing its user-friendliness. The new design reduces the risk of breaking the membrane when handling the Nano-Chips. In addition, the need to use sticky tapes to fix or to ground the Nano-Chip is eliminated, making the process much cleaner.

Safety is also significantly increased as FIB Stub 3.0 brings the position of the sample and the Nano-Chip to a similar eucentric height. This minimises the possibility of crashing into the pole piece, Gas Injection System or the manipulator during the operation.

FIB Stub 3.0 is compatible with many dual beam FIB-SEMs and will benefit those working with double tilt Heating and/or Biasing Nano-Chips. Furthermore, it is a beneficial addition for researchers planning to work with in situ heating samples or electronic devices like non-volatile memory based on resistive switching or phase change materials, solid state batteries, solar cells, etc.

The new system was developed in conjunction with collaborators from EMAT (University of Antwerp) and AEM (University of Darmstadt) and customers from Germany, UK, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, etc. FIB Stub 3.0 is now available for sale in Australia and NZ from AXT. For more information please visit DENSsolutions FIB Stub 3.0.

Video demonstration of how the FIB Stub 3.0 simplifies TEM Lamella sample prep