Dragonfly – Screen Optimiser

TTP Labtech’s dragonfly screen optimiser is a liquid handler for simple, fast and accurate crystal screen optimisation. It offers positive displacement, non-contact dispensing from 0.5µL upwards, for all types of liquids regardless of viscosity.

dragonfly provides the freedom to use any liquid type without the need for liquid classification. Each disposable pipette works independently to dispense any volume into any well, with no cross-contamination, thus eliminating the need for tip washing. Screen preparation is quick, and a four-ingredient 96-well gradient plate can be dispensed in less than 5 minutes.

dragonfly is the ideal system to compliment TTP Labtech’s mosquito in the protein crystallization workflow. Once the initial crystal ‘hits’ are identified, dragonfly optimizes the set of conditions to grow larger crystals with better diffraction patterns.

TTP Labtech’s dragonfly screen optimizer is easy to set up and operate, just like TTP’s mosquito. Only minimal training is needed, so new users can be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

dragonfly’s positive displacement technology ensures highly accurate dispensing, from 0.5µL upwards across a wide range of viscosities. Its rapid plate preparation is uniquely combined with non-contact dispensing to also ensure zero cross-contamination. Dispense resolution is 0.1µL, allowing very fine gradients to be created.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Accurate dispensing of all types of liquids regardless of viscosity
  • Dispensing of volumes from 0.5µL upwards, into any well, from any syringe
  • Better than 5% CVs at 1µL
  • Zero cross-contamination
  • Positive displacement, non-contact dispensing
  • No chance of blocking or clogging
  • Low dead volume aspiration
  • Choice of 5 or 10 dispensing heads
  • Compatible with 24, 48 or 96 well plate formats
  • Complex optimisation experiments can be easily created


  • Screen optimisation set-ups for protein crystallization
  • Biological assay development
  • Formulation development


Volume range0.5µL upwards
Dispense resolution0.1µL
No. of dispensing heads5 or 10
Plate format24, 48 or 96
Dead volume200µL
Minimum accessible volume200µL
Dimensions (w x d x h)600 x 555 x 630mm
Power requirement220V single phase
Weight38kg (5 head version)
50kg (10 head version)

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Running a Plate Optimisation

Screen Optimisation

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