Digital Radiography Detectors – Flat Panels and Analysis Software

X-RIS are experts in the field of portable digital radiography. If you want results fast, they have systems to suit you. They include battery or mains powered X-ray generators and matched flat panel detectors all of which can be operated wirelessly for optimal operators safety. These systems allow you to generate all the data you need on site and offer the flexibility to alter exposure settings on the run to ensure you get optimal images and don’t need to return to site.

XRIS portable digital radiography

DeReO WA-P Large Area Direct Radiography Detectors – Flat Panels

These portable large area flat panels provide immediate X-ray images of samples. The DeReO range have the advantage over other systems in that they have a wide area of detection (40x40cm or 25x30cm). They also offer fluoroscopy functionality which allows operators to view their samples in real time video mode and can be controlled by the Maestro NDT software package.

The DeReO direct radiography detectors have been specifically designed to offer the best balance between sensitivity (200µm or 140µm pixels), signal to noise ratio (SNR), contrast and resolution.

Their thin and compact size allows them to be used in tight spaces while offering excellent portability. Setup is simplified by easy operation no need for synchronisation.


DeReO direct radiography detectors are useful for applications including:

  • Weld inspection e.g. pipelines, pipes, power plants, petrochemical plants, planes, aircraft, rockets etc.
  • Castings to detect defects, porosity, cracks and inclusion in both metals and plastics
  • Composite materials e.g. to isolate wrinkles and inclusions in aircraft components
  • Archaeology e.g. in museums, laboratories, universities etc. for the examination of artefacts.

DeReO HR Small Area Direct Radiography Detectors – Flat Panels

The ultra-small area flat panel detectors come in high resolution 48µm or 96µm pixel sizes.

Their innovative design sees the CMOS reading head and electronic board separated into two modules for ultimate compactness. Allowing you to capture images in small and confined spaces or spaces with difficult access.

The DeReO HR also offers interchangeable heads allowing you to produce images with different pixel sizes, giving it distinct advantages over CR systems. X-Ris also offer the option of producing customised heads to suit your specific application.

The DeReO HR offers IP65 protection and is battery powered. The control module can also control some X-ray generators wirelessly while the unit can be mounted on a standard camera tripod.


The high resolution DeReO detectors are suited to applications including:

  • Plates and pipe e.g. aluminium and titanium
  • Composite materials e.g. looking for conglomerates, delaminations or wrinkles
  • Honeycomb structures
  • Electron welded components
  • Plastic castings e.g. detecting pores
  • Gluing defects
  • NDT inspections

DeReO WA-F Stationary Flat Panel Detector

The DeReO WA-F is the stationary version of the DeReO WA-P. Offering the same wide area detection it is suited to operation in an X-ray inspection cabinet and allows you to transition from film to digital radiography providing immediate images to your computer. It is compatible with most existing X-ray generators.

It features a high strength reinforced case that allows it to support parts of up to 50kg in weight and suits high throughput inspection operation. It also boasts 200µm resolution and excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR).

The intuitive system makes the transition from film to digital very easy. Each exposure lasts typically 30 seconds.

DeReO WA-F is class-A ISO 17636-2 compliant up to 10 mm of steel and class-B for higher thicknesses. It offers contrast resolution better than 1 % from 10 to 50 mm of standard steel. It can also be supplied with additional shielding to work up to 450 kV.

In combination with Maestro NDT, DeReO WA-F is PR5250 (Safran) compliant.


The X-RIS DeReO WA-F is commonly used for applications such as:

  • Weld inspections for pipes and plates
  • Defect detection e.g. porosity, cracks and inclusions in aluminium, iron and titanium alloys
  • Composite materials e.g. to look for wrinkles and material inclusions
  • Archaeological assets
  • Forensic investigations

DeReO WA-γ Flat Panel for Portable Gammaography

This is a special version of the DeReO WA-P that has been adapated specifically for use with in portable gammaography with Se and Ir sourcesof any activity as well as LINAC. In incorporates a special scintillator as well as an additional filter and shield for optimal performance. The additional shield is crucial to protecting electronic components and maximising the life of the flat panel.

The signal to noise ratio of each frame can be optimised by altering the frame duration and sensitivity, while the best image quality is achieved by optimising integration time.



X-RIS DeReO Flat Panel Detector for Gammography

Maestro NDT Software

The Maestro software package marries the hardware components providing an intuitive interface from which you can both operate and optimise images. It is simple to use and operators can typically be producing high quality radiographic images within 2 hours.

The software has the following modules:

  1. Control module – for both the generator and detectors
  2. Image acquisition module – for generating x-ray images
  3. Image processing module – to view and optimise images

Maestro helps you to produce the best images possible by:

  • Allowing you to adjust the mA and kV in real time while viewing the images in video mode
  • Averaging out all the captured images automatically for noise reduction
  • Providing all standard image processing tools
  • Using real time filters to optimise images

The NDT version of Maestro is compliant with ASTM E2597, E2698 and E2736, as well as ISO 17636-2 and PR5250 (Safran) standards. It also satisfies the DICONDE imaging standard for NDT and is Nadcap compliant for those working in aerospace and defence industries.

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