DENSsolutions Heating Things Up for In Situ TEM Studies

DENSsolutions specialise in building solutions that allow TEM microscopists to carry out dynamic studies in situ. Their latest heating Nano-Chip that will be available for Wildfire (heating) and Lightning (heating and biasing) will help researchers achieve cutting edge results by providing a platform that provides higher stability, better homogeneity, faster settling time, higher temperature for EDS and easier sample loading.

The in situ solutions available from DENSsolutions allow microscopists to observe dynamic events not visible in a conventional TEM.. The new heating Nano-Chip lets you easily capture and correlate structural and chemical changes, at any temperature, no matter when and how fast they happen.

The new Nano-Chips have been designed with operators in mind, featuring the largest area and smart sample carrier design. This allows you to easily load large amounts of sample and caters for a wide range of sample types including FIB lamellae, nanoparticles and 2D materials.

Once loaded, you will be able to directly observe changes at the highest S/TEM resolution after rapid temperature changes: negligible bulging (change in Z displacement), ensuring that your sample remains in focus all the way up to 750°C and the smallest X and Y displacements ensuring that your sample remains in the field of view. This means you will be able to continuously observe structural changes in the fastest possible timeframes by eliminating tedious stage adjustments.

The new Nano-Chips also afford operators extended temperature ranges for EDS studies thanks to reduced levels of infrared radiation. Furthermore, they offer the fastest rates of drift stabilisation regardless of the size of the temperature change.

With the highest thermal homogeneity over the entire Nano-Chip (>98% over 850µm2) you can be assured that you are producing results that you can depend on.

The new Nano-Chips will be available for new systems and all existing Wildfire and Lightning (heating only).

Posted November 30, 2017

DENSsolutions Nanochip

The new Nano-Chip from DENSsolutions in situ TEM studies at elevated temperatures.

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