Complete Genomics Workflow – PCR/qPCR

Through our variuous distributorships, AXT has assembled a complete genomics workflow for PCR and qPCR. This includes a range of liquid handling solutions from SPT Labtech (and Apricot Designs which as acquired by SPT Labtech in January 2021) and amplification instruments from Antylia Scientific.

AXT genomics workflow incuding PCR and qPCR

Stage 1 – Obtain Samples

Samples can be obtained from multiple sources in either 96 or 384 well plates.

Stage 2/Option 1 – Miniaturisation of Experiments

At this stage you have the option to miniaturise your experiment. The benefit is you can get more mileage out of your precious samples and reagents,which in turn can transform into more statistically relevant results. In their experience, SPT Labtech have found that miniaturisation reduces experimental costs by at east 75%, while preserving cell/library success rate and method sensitivity.

Using SPT Labtech’s mosquito LV genomics, you can accurately set up reactions at a small fraction of the traditional volumes which leads to a step-change in productivity, dramatic cost saving, thus allowing researchers to maximize their output of results for a given budget.

Stage 2/Option 2 – Setting Up Standard Plates

The Apricot Designs S3 Pippettor, is a high performance 96 and 384 channel automated pipetting system. It is ideal for low- or high-volume multichannel microplate pipetting. It removes any issues associated with potential human error and eliminates repetitive motion injuries and the tedium associated with hand-held, manual pipetting.

Stage 3 – Addition of PCR/qPVR Master Mixes

The SPT Labtech dragonfly discovery is the go to automated liquid handler that addresses a wide range of applications with its positive displacement that offers reliable liquid dispensing performance, regardless of different liquid viscosities and surface tensions such as aqueous buffers containing DMSO, glycerol and biological sera.

Alternatively, the Apricot Designs S3 Pippettor, a programmable serial dilution instrument indexing by column that allows plate to plate pipetting, with interchangeable cores for precise 96 and 384 channel pipetting.

Stage 4 – PCR/qPCR Analysis

Now that you have precisely prepared your samples, you can perform PCR and qPCR analyses:

  • PCR using the PCRmax Alpha Cylcer – These affordable, compact thermal cyclers deliver highly reproducible results. They allow you to easily create, modify and access existing programs, saving you time and money.
  • qPCR using the PCRmax Eco 48 – This system utilises patented block and optical technologies to deliver extreme speed, sensitivity and data quality