comPILER is an automated high throughput system for complete automation of sample preparation, allowing you to make assay plates directly from your microtube library.

Microtubes are transported to comPILER which thaws, centrifuges and decaps the tubes, flushes them with argon (if required) and presents them to a third party liquid handling robot.

After processing, compiler regasses, recaps and returns the microtubes to comPOUND modules.

Key Benefits

comPILER has been designed to provide:

  • Walkaway operation
  • A localised micro environment to ensure samples are never exposed to the raw atmosphere, minimising sample degradation
  • Modular design allowing each processing station to operate independently and configurable to each user’s application
  • True tube-to-plate processing
  • Can connect to up to 12 comPOUND modules
  • Able to process up to 20,000 samples in 8 hrs
  • Compatible with any liquid handling system with an automated interface

Fully Automated Store-to-Plate Processing System

Automated Sample Management

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