comPANION – Remote Delivery of Microtubes

TTP Labtech’s comPANION is a bench-top module add-on that can be sited remotely from a comPOUND store to provide:

  • A remote interface to the comPOUND store to allow it to be located outside the lab
  • A system to link multiple comPOUND modules to provide a larger integrated store with higher throughput
  • An interface to further automation

TTP Labtech’s comPANION units can be remotely located in different rooms, or even on different floors of a building. They can connect comPOUND stores in parallel so that samples held in different modules can be accessed simultaneously, thus increasing sample throughput and providing remote delivery of microtubes.

Key Benefits

  • Retrieves microtubes from comPOUND modules and arrays them into SBS footprint racks
  • Returns racked microtubes to comPOUND
  • Microtubes are transported using proven pneumatic technology
  • comPANION units can be remotely located in other rooms, labs or floors
  • Can be connected to multiple comPOUND units in parallel allowing access to different modules simultaneously

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