Junior – Versatile Platform for Biologics Formulation, Drug Development and Process Chemistry

Junior is a flexible and configurable automated platform that removes all of the hard work from biologics formulation, small molecule preformulation and process chemistry. By automating these processes, it frees you up to get on with other tasks, thereby increasing your efficiency and throughput, all while gaining a more intimate understanding of your samples.

Junior caters to applications including:

Biologics Formulation Development

Junior is an automated platform that replaces all the hands-on, manual tasks related to biologics formulation, and integrates them onto a single platform so that you can set up your run and walk away. This increases throughput, accuracy and repeatability while freeing up your time.

Key Features

  • Characterise formulations with limited material
  • Developability and preformulation screens
  • Evaluate formulation robustness
  • Formulation development
  • Manage and track formulations and analytical results


Automated Operation

Junior automates all of the manual tasks associated with characterising a formulation. All you need to do is set up your run and walk away.

The system offers you the flexibility of choosing modes e.g.:

  • High-throughput pH with visual inspection
  • Visual inspection with viscosity
  • Viscosity with pH

The automated operation allows you to generate samples more quickly and guarantees repeatability. This in turn allows you to evaluate more formulations providing you with a better understanding of your samples.

Unchained Labs Junior biologics components

Unchained Labs Junior biologics pH probesAutomated pH Measurement

With an automated pH arm with 4 probes, pH measurement will never become the bottleneck in your process. Junior is able to measure the pH of all samples in a 96-well plate in less than 30 minutes, including calibration, measurement, recording and washing, leaving you more time to get other things done.

Unchained Labs Junior biologics viscosity stationViscosity Measurements

Measuring the viscosity of your samples is a speedy operation with Junior, with each sample taking less than 6 minutes and using as little as 100µL of sample. Junior deals with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids and has precise temperature control ensuring consistent and accurate results. Automated washing eliminates any contamination between samples that may skew results.

Unchained Labs Junior biologics visual inspection3-in-1 Visual Inspection

Junior can perform 3 visual inspections on each sample using a fast, non-destructive assay:

  1. Colour
  2. Turbidity
  3. Count visible particles

The system also captures an image of each sample so that it can be compared to standards, providing a more accurate, less subjective analysis. All images are archived for future reference.

LEA Integration

Get the most out of your workflow. Use LEA integration to increase your efficiency and optimise your development processes. Have all the relevant data housed in one place so you can easily generate detailed reports that allow you to properly influence decisions and research directions.

Unchained Labs junior biologics LEA Integration

Small Molecule Preformulation

Junior automates all the fiddly, manual processes associated with small molecule preformulation and brings them together into a single system. This simplifies the whole process turning it into a routine operation resulting in high-throughput processing. Junior frees up your time so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Key Features

  • Solubility screening
  • Polymorph screening
  • Powder dispensing
  • Reaction screening

Automated Operation

Junior automates the parts of your API screening process that are typically carried out one-by-one at the bench. With Junior all you need to do is setup and walk away.

Junior features preconfigured decks for both high-throughput solubility and polymorph screening that are always ready.

The automated nature enables you to evaluate more variables in a given time period allowing you to evaluate more formulations and accelerate your research. Furthermore, Junior ensures that all processes are carried out in a repeatable fashion eliminating human errors so you can be certain your formulations are produced accurately.

Unchained Labs Junior Small Molecule Preformulation - system componentsCrystal Characterisation

Junior uses an 8×12 array crystallisation assembly enabling you to easily and rapidly characterise dozens of samples on your API. The system helps you to generate (XRD) diffraction data on large numbers of samples giving you more time for other tasks.

You are also able to heat or cool samples on the deck, while the universal substrate plate allows you to produce birefringence and Raman spectroscopy data without damaging a single crystal.

Unchained Labs Junior small molecule preformulation - crstallography XRDAutomated Temperature-Controlled Pipetting and Filtering

Junior provides temperature-controlled pipetting and filtering which will greatly assist you with getting your API’s into solution. Using the heated dispensing element, septum piercing tips and sealed vials, you have the best chance of preventing precipitation when adding or removing reagents.

In addition, the heated 96-well filter block eliminates any chance of well-to-well contamination ensuring optimum processing conditions.

Unchained Labs Junior small molecule preformulation - liquid handling pipettingPrecision Dispensing

To ensure accurate production of your formulations, Junior has been carefully designed to provide precision dispensing and weighing of viscous and solid materials. In doing so, you can rest easy knowing that you are analysing exactly what you intended.

Positive displacement pipetting is able to accurately dispense liquids of any description, even the most sticky and viscous liquids.

Solids are also catered for using an adaptive learning algorithm that accurately weighs and dispenses powders.

The system also remembers optimal settings to help you achieve fast, accurate and reproducible results every time.

Unchained Labs Junior small molecule preformulation - liquid and solid dispensingLEA Integration

Using LEA integration, you can set up the most efficient workflow possible, eliminating bottlenecks and maximising output while making the most out of the analytical tools at your disposal.

Furthermore, with all the experimental parameters, processes and results in one place, you can more effectively generate reports with all the relevant data at your disposal.

Unchained Labs junior small molecule preformulation - LEA integration

Process Chemistry

Reaction screening and process optimisation are now simple routine exercises with Junior. You can construct a system for reaction screening, and with the aid of automation, you can evaluate literally hundreds of modifications each week, enabling you to examine a given system in great detail.

You can also add real-time sampling so you can optimise chemistry pathways allowing you to get an intimate understanding of how small variable changes affect your system.

Key Features

  • Process optimisation
  • Screen continuous variables
  • Screen discrete variables
  • Optimize and screen new synthetic routes
  • Improve yields and impurity profiles
  • Optimize catalyst loading
  • Map process robustness

Flexible and Versatile Platform

Junior features a flexible and versatile platform that can be adapted to your specific requirements. You can use it to evaluate the effects of variables such as solvents, ligands, catalysts and reagents all at the same time. This platform will add to your productivity being able to assess hundreds of modifications every week.

You can also add the Optimisation Sampling Reactor (OSR) which obtains samples from your reactions in real time, allowing you to better understand your system.

Unchained Labs - Junior - process chemistry - components

Unchained Labs - Junior - process chemistry - OSRReal-Time Reaction Kinetics

The old way of doing things was to evaluate the effects of a variable in isolation. Junior allows you to understand how your variables all perform in conjunction with one another.

Adding the OSR allows you to collect samples during a reaction so you can build a picture of the reaction kinetics. OSR is able to collect time-point samples from as many as 8 pressure- and temperature-controlled vessels without interrupting the reaction. Each vessel is optimised for heating, cooling and stirring.

Comprehensive Analysis

So you can generate a clear picture of your system and the huge number of organic transformations that could take place, Junior screens all of your substrates, catalysts, reactants, solvents and reaction conditions.

The system also precisely doses solids, liquids, slurries and viscous reagents, minimising consumption of expensive materials, while precision control of processing such as stirrer plate temperature, filtration and dilution means your samples are prepared repeatably and when you need them.

UNchained Labs Junior process chemistry versatility

UNchained Labs Junior process chemistry screening pressure reactor

High Temperature and Pressure Reactions

Studying your systems at ultra-high temperatures and pressures can provide valuable insights into their behaviour. With the Screening Pressure Reactor (SPR) you can run up to 96 experiments in parallel automatically up to 400°C and 200 bar.

LEA Integration

Remove bottlenecks from your developmental and analytical workflow using LEA. By optimising your workflow using LEA you can increase your productivity and throughput.

LEA integration also allows you to aggregate all your data e.g. experimental parameters, procedures and results in one place so you can more easily generate detailed reports that can be crucial to the future directions of your research and development.

Unchained Labs - freeslate jr - process chemistry - LEA Integration

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