Constant Potential Battery Powered X-Ray Generators for Digital Radiography – GemX-160 and GemX-200

If you need ultimate portability and/or access to power is a problem, a battery powered X-ray generator for your radiographic imaging requirements is the answer. X-RIS specialise in portable digital radiography and can supply components or bespoke systems.

GemX-160 and GemX-200 Battery Powered X-Ray Generators

In terms of portable battery-powered X-ray generators, we can supply X-RIS GemX-160 (160kV) and GemX-200 (200kV) systems that offer constant potential power for faster imaging. They are powered by a LiPo (lithium-polymer) battery pack that has been designed to deliver up to 200,000 kV.mA.S of radiation. This equates to 20 minutes at 160kV/1mA).

The compact light weight systems have been designed to operate anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, they have been thoughtfully engineered with matched components that mate power, duty cycle, weight, size, battery life time and performance. Wireless control also offers increased operator safety as well as reduced cabling and faster setup, saving you valuable time and money.

The 360° handle allows the unit to be readily positioned or affixed to pipes. Thanks to the small form factor and lightweight, it can also be mounted on a tripod for optimal positioning. Similarly, the magnetic remote controller and laser pointer can free your hands for safer operation and convenience.

Key Features

  • Selectable kV : 20 (50) – 160 kV
  • Selectable mA : 0.1 – 2 mA
  • Constant potential
  • Duty cycle at 20°C : 1’ ON / 3’ OFF
  • Focal spot : 0.5 x 0.7mm (EN 12543) – other tubes available on request
  • Beam angle : 45° x 45°
  • Oil insulated
  • Powered from mains or from battery
  • 360° handle
  • Wired or wireless control via remote or via ethernet (NEW)
  • Weight : 14 kg

Image Quality

The small focal spot and the power of the GemX X-ray generators results in impressive images.

Real Time X-Ray Video

When paired with X-RIS digital radiography solutions, the GemX allows you to vary kV and mA during the shot to optimise penetration and contrast. This is a unique tool that can save you time and money, especially when you are remotely.

Low Density Inspections

The beryllium window and ability to dial the kV down to 20kV allows the GemX to be used to inspect low density materials such as aluminium, plastics and composites which are often used in aerospace, marine and automotive applications.

High Density Inspections

At the other end of the spectrum, by cranking the kV up to 160 (or 200 for GemX-200), the system can be used for the inspection of steel and aluminium.  According to IQI expectations, they are suitable for inspection of 13 to 25mm Fe.

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