Lunatic – The Only System for Batch Quantification of Protein, DNA and RNA

Lunatic from Unchained Labs is the simple solution for batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA. It is the only commercially available micro-volume system that can batch measure biological samples in the wide dynamic concentration range of 0.03 to 200 OD with no need for dilution.

Lunatic gets biologics and ge­nomics UV/Vis quantification on the money every time. Just drop, load and read.

Unchained Labs Lunatic dilution seriesBatch Processing

Using a proprietary microfluidic chip, your samples will remain stable for up to 2 hours, which is plenty of time for the Little Lunatic to measure 16 samples in 2 minutes requiring 2µL of sample. For higher throughput application, load 2µl of 96 samples onto a Lunatic plate and measure them all in 5 minutes using Big Lunatic.

Unchained Labs microfluidic chip for LunaticThe simplified workflow also eliminates the need for sample preparation and cleaning, as well as any chance of cross contamination.

Simplified Operation

Operation of the Lunatic is as simple as it comes. Simply, drop, load and read. There is no need for sample prep, standard curves or cleaning and no chance of cross-contamination.

Reliable Results

Lunatic provides you with comprehensive analysis of your DNA and RNA samples. The included Unmix software package automatically detects and measures impurities that the classic A260A280 method does not take into account. This gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what is in your specimen and better enables you to understand how and why it behaves the way that it does.

The classic A260 methodology can mistake impurities as DNA and RNA, thus providing inaccurate analyses. The Lunatic on the other hand allows you to measure and quantify the presence of RNA, turbidity, beads and other influencers which may have an effect in your samples.

Lunatic also saves you time, by by-passing time-consuming dye-based preparation procedures and allowing you to immediately screen samples for suitability.

Automation and Compliance

A host of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features makes Lunatic fully compliant for GLP labs. It’s comprehensive list of features includes:

  • Password protection
  • Electronic signatures
  • Full audit trail

Its ability to communicate with robots also enables it to be fully integrated into automated workflows.


Lunatic has a vast array of application in proteomics and genomics. Some applications include:

  • Quantification of peptides in MS-based proteomics
  • Quantification of total nucleic acids from unknown sources (e.g. DNA)
  • Quantification of total nucleic acids from unknown sources (e.g. RNA)
  • Rapid buffer exchange, protein quantification and stability screening
  • Formulation preparation and stability screening
  • Nucleic acid quantification on Lunatic using A260
  • Quantification of Cy3/Cy5 labeled RNA and ssDNA
  • Quantification of labeled proteins
  • Quantification of mammalian gDNA
  • Quantification of protein samples using colorimetric assays
  • Quantification of purified PCR samples
  • Quantification of total protein content
  • Quantification of unknown samples using standard curves
  • Total protein quantification using A280


DescriptionBig LunaticLittle Lunatic
Unchained Labs Big lunatic Batch Quantification of Protein, DNA and RNAUnchained Labs Little lunatic Batch Quantification of Protein, DNA and RNA
Sample size2µL
Number of samples96 per Luna Plate16 per Luna Plate
Sample run time5min per Luna plate2min per Luna chip
IgG concentration timeLuna Plate: 0.02–29 mg/mL
High Luna Plate: 0.02–150 mg/mL
Luna Chip: 0.02–29 mg/mL
High Luna Chip: 0.02–150 mg/mL
dsDNA concentration rangeLuna Plate: 1.5–2,000 ng/μL
High Luna Plate: 1.5–10,000 ng/μL
Luna Chip: 1.5–2,000 ng/μL
High Luna Chip: 1.5–10,000 ng/μL
Path lengthLuna Plate: 0.5 mm
High Luna Plate: 0.1 and 0.7 mm
Luna Chip: 0.5 mm
High Luna Chip: 0.1 and 0.7 mm
Light sourceXenon flash lampXenon flash lamp
DetectorUV/Vis polychromatic spectrophotometerUV/Vis polychromatic spectrophotometer
Wavelength range230–750 nm230–750 nm
Wavelength accuracy≤0.2 nm≤0.2 nm
Absorbance Precision0.001 OD (0.5 mm path)0.001 OD (0.5 mm path)
Absorbance accuracy4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm)4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm)
Calibration4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm)4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm)
Dimensions37 cm W x 46 cm D x 33 cm H, 21 kgUniversal input, voltage 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
ElectricalUniversal input, voltage 100–240 V AC, 50–60 HzUniversal input, voltage 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
ComputerCustomer provided computer, Microsoft Windows 7 or laterPreinstalled software, 7” full-color touch screen

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