AXT to Bring Poietis Next-Gen Bioprinters to Australia

AXT are proud to announce that they have partnered with France-based Poietis to bring their next-generation bioprinting platforms to Australia. 

Poeitis NGB-R bioprinterThe NGB (Next Generation Bioprinting) system is a world first using laser-assisted bioprinting technology to print cells (from aggregates and cellular spots to single cell) rapidly and precisely in complex cellular formations in 3D, maintaining a cell viability of 95%.  

Poietis, established in 2014, are the result of 15 years of research and development. Their technology has shown immediate success with partnerships with companies such as BASF, Servier and L’Oréal to develop tissue models.  Poietis have commercialized a skin model “Poieskin”,  a full-thickness printed skin used in drug testing and development.  

Poietis bring the future of tissue engineering to your lab, helping you create actual, functional living tissues – not mere 3D scaffolds. 

peoitisAntoine Jacquot, Sales Manager from Poietis commented on the new distributorship agreement with AXT, “we have already established an excellent reputation in Europe with our products and technology. We are looking forward to replicating the same success in Australia and New Zealand with the help of our partners at AXT.” 

Richard Trett, Managing Director of AXT said, “I believe bioprinting will have a revolutionary position in biomedical and biomaterials research. There are also seemingly limitless associated applications from drug testing to organ on a chip technology.  Perhaps even more exciting, ultimately, are the clinical pathways that it promises. Biomedical and biomaterials is such an important field, especially in Australia and the Poietis technology and expertise will be of great benefit to researchers working in this area.” 

The addition of Poietis technology bolsters AXT’s portfolio of solutions in the cellular biology, drug development and life science sectors. For more information, please visit