AXT to Bring Endra Photoacoustic CT Preclinical Imaging Technology to Australia

AXT is proud to announce that they have just signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with US-based Endra Life Sciences. Endra are a developer of photoacoustic (PA) technology for bio-medical imaging and have commercialised their breakthrough technology. This new deal further bolsters AXT’s life science and preclinical imaging portfolios with another unique technology.

Photoacoustic imaging is a powerful non-invasive technology ideally suited to cancer research, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, women’s and men’s health and inflammatory diseases. It marries the benefits of light or optical imaging with ultrasound to generate information-rich images utilising high optical contrast and high ultrasound resolution at depth.

The Endra Nexus 128 preclinical photoacoustic imaging system uses unique 3-dimensional PA technology to capture volumetric images in a 3D or 4D format. This differs from other PA systems that only capture images slice-by-slice. Using the Nexus 128 gives researchers numerous distinct advantages including:

  1. The ability to capture 3D data sets at a much faster rate
  2. Superior sensitivity
  3. It can be used to capture dynamic photoacoustic CT scans allowing the easy quantification of probe uptake
  4. It can easily determine spatial variations in probe uptake within a given volume

Richard Trett, AXT Managing Director said of the new distributorship, “Australia has long been recognised as a leader in medical research and we have been responsible for pioneering many breakthroughs. Key to maintaining our ranking is attracting the brightest researchers and equipping them with the latest technologies. We are proud to say that we are in a position to help put this technology in their hands so we can help them carry out ground breaking research like finding cures for cancer.”

Francois Michelon the CEO of Endra Inc. echoed Mr Trett’s comments saying, “We are pleased to partner with AXT in bringing photoacoustic CT scanning technology to Australia. We firmly believe that our technology will help Australian researchers more rapidly translate their discoveries from laboratories to the clinics and ultimately to commercialisation for the benefit of society as a whole.”

Endra’s photoacoustic CT scanner joins a host of other preclinincal imaging technologies such as MRI, PET, FLECT, SPECT, CT and multi modal solutions from MR Solutions, TriFoil Imaging and Rigaku.

Posted August 11, 2015

Endra Nexus 128 photoacoustic computed tomography (CT) scanner
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