AXT to Present Papers on XRD Detectors and Automated Minerals Analysis at AXAA 2014

AXT PTY Ltd, a leading supplier of analytical x-ray solutions is pleased to report that it has recently had two abstracts accepted for oral presentations for the upcoming AXAA conference that will take place from February 9 to 13 in 2014.The Australian X-ray Analytical Association (AXAA) logo

The accepted abstracts are titled “Semiconductor Detectors Enable Rapid XRD Measurements” and “Application of Automated Mineral Analysis in SEM to Different Types of Ore Samples”. They will be delivered by in-house product experts Dr. Nav Dhaliwal and Dr. Kamran Khajehpour respectively.

The former abstract will cover research work on various types of XRD detectors and their relative merits. In particular, this talk will concentrate on two types of semiconductor detectors, the D/tex Ultra 250 1-dimensional detector and the Pilatus 2-dimensional detector which are silicon strip detectors and silicon pixel detectors respectively. Most importantly, this talk will address the speed and accuracy of these types of detectors and contrast these to 0-dimensional detectors which have traditionally been the fastest family of detectors, but achieved this at the expense of accuracy. Results in this talk were generated with Rigaku and the paper is co-authored by Tomikatsu Kubo from Japan.

The second paper to be delivered by Dr. Khajehpour, looks at the automated analysis of mineral ores using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), specifically the Tescan Integrated Minerals Analyzer (TIMA). This instrument offers 3 techniques for automated data acquisition, Modal Analysis, Liberation Analysis and Bright Phase Search, all of which will be described and discussed using real samples as demonstrations. This paper is co-authored by Veronika Kralova from Tescan, Czech Republic.

AXT will also be exhibiting at the AXAA conference. They will be showcasing both XRD and XRF systems from Rigaku and the Tescan TIMA, as well as electrical fusion bead machines from Katanax, sample presses from SpeX and automatic flux weighing machines from Oregon Labware.

For more information about AXT’s product range, please visit or stop by stands 12 to 14 at the AXAA trade exhibition.

Posted December 13, 2013.